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Paradise Ducks

In 2011 George and Tallon finished their last recording project with Diamond Lake and started playing with Alonzo and Damon as Paradise Ducks.

Their first full-length album was released July 26th on Beyond the Infinite Records; A fun Psychedelic Indie Gypsy Rock band from Denver, CO. Tallon and George write the songs and Damon and Alonzo lay down the rhythm section. This album is full of fun hummable tunes as well as symphonic strings and sexy guitars.
Paradise Ducks are an Indie Gypsy Rock band from Denver, CO. Bits of folk, indie, rock and gypsy jazz layer these feel good tunes; A lighter side of the music of Dr. Dog or Delta Spirit. Paradise Ducks first released their self-titled EP summer of 2012 and this full length album, Neandertall, July 26, 2012. Enjoy and share as needed!
-Paradise Ducks

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