hee Dang Dangs are a Denver, CO based Psych, Surf, Garage Rock band. Thee Dang Dangs are a delightful fusing of fuzzy surf guitar riffs, and reverb-heavy psychedelic vocals by frontlady Rebecca Williams. Their sound conjures up images of dirty bums wandering around on Venice Beach in the 60s in a hazy search for something heavier to cave in droopy eyelids. The most succinct description I’ve read of their Stone Coast EP (from Westword’s review) is that it “sounds like it was recorded in the bathroom of a Sunset Strip titty bar in 1967.” I dare you to have a listen and not visualize this image.

Williams’ reverb-soaked squeals and wails melded with the cloudy guitar lines and terse percussion patterns like a funny cigarette matches the crackle of your favorite Lou Reed record. There is something profoundly nostalgic and timeless in spite of itself about Thee Dang Dang’s music; they don’t have to come out and tell you who their influences are, because it’s so apparent within the sun-drenched howls and crunchy guitar riffs. Who knows, maybe they’ll become an act to revisit 50 years in the future, just as they are fondly recreating and reinventing sounds from our musical past right now in 2013.

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