Five piece band that combines atmospheric textures, intricate orchestration, and inventive harmonies. We are driven by melody, rhythm, and complexity. The goal with our music is to enrich the typical (I, IV, V) progression that has since become the cultural standard and take it to a new and innovative level. We have stylistic roots in country, jazz, rock, indie, and experimental. We enjoy pushing the envelope and making music as much a part of our lives as possible.

Sleeping Thru Sunday

Sleeping Thru Sunday started in mid spring 2012. The members consist of Braydon Leadbetter (Lead Guitar/Vocals/Songwriter), Caleb Tochtrop (Bassist/Vocals/Songwriter), and Eddie Berkheimer (Drums/Vocals). They are a very talented, unique trio of musicians from the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. They have been in existence for nearly a year. Slowly making there way up, they have played in backyards, basements, venues. They take any chance they can to perform and express their music. Their sound is a form of controlled chaos. Their shows explode with energy and passion right from the first note played and the first lyric sang. The moral of the band is quite simple. They want to send out the message that it is okay to be different and to be yourself no matter how you define yourself. Their music is a sense of hope for the kids that are rejected and do not think they have a place in this world. Be yourself, listen to STS.

Soma Jet Set

Without Hazard

Without Hazard hates band biographies. They always start with some bizarre attention grabbing statement and go on and on while saying virutally nothing. We like to get straight to the facts:

We started in early 2010.

We are from St. Louis.

We have four members. Dan and Jack are brothers who have been in various bands since they could walk. AJ and Tim met them in high school.

We like a lot of music. We're big fans of indie rock, progressive rock, classic rock, jazz, classical, and blues.

Our favorite bands are Tame Impala, Muse, Radiohead, and The Silversun Pickups. These bands inspire our sound the most.

In late 2011 we partnered with Colin O'Brien, another high school friend, who now manages the band. He is merciless and demands a rigorous practice schedule, constant music composition, regular participation in our local music scene (attending shows as well as playing them), constant harnessing of our live skills, and a thoroughly polite and friendly demeanor.

We have played all around in St. Louis. We love playing in The Firebird and at Cicero's.

Our favorite show was at LouFest in 2012, where we shared a billing with The Flaming Lips.

We are hard working, enthusiastic, professional, and extremely passionate about music. We love meeting new people and playing new shows!

$8.00 - $10.00


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