Rachel and the Kings

You’d think a band barely past its first birthday would be bickering over whose basement is best for practice sessions. At least that’s the visual a stereotypical inauguration tends to suggest. But there’s nothing conventional about Rachel & The Kings, and the dynamo-style start the band boasts is no exception. Consider: with less than two months of official togetherdom, Rachel & The Kings won Ford’s national “Gimme the Gig II” competition, earning huge accolades from legendary producer (and head judge) Don Was. Not to mention becoming the de facto stars of “Gimme the Gig II,” which aired in July, 2012 and making KTCL’s top three band’s in Denver for their Hometown for the Holidays competition in the same year. Within a year and a half the band had opened for Third Eye Blind at the First Bank Center and ZZ Ward and The Fray as well as many others.

What explains such immediate and extraordinary success is a confluence of talent culled from piles of musical endowment accumulating around Denver these days. Rachel James, already an established singer / songwriter, initially teamed up with friend and producer Joey Barba (lead guitarist of former band Tickle Me Pink). As production on her first full-length album progressed, the need for formidable players to complement the music’s intense construction became clear. Such talent was found in notable the players like, Ian Short, violin player and long-time collaborator alongside Rachel, with former status playing violin for Hello Kavita and Noah Matthews, former bass player on the Alan Baird Project. With the eventual addition of help from Dave Preston (Matt Morris Band, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, and more) and Jon Powers (Matt Morris Band, Justin Timberlake, Charlie Sexton) – the proverbial circle was complete.

And as often occurs in these charmed circumstances, the chemistry was simply something too potent for anyone to ignore. And thus began Rachel & The Kings, a young person’s super-group who proves worthy of that superlative moniker. Their live shows make fun feel justified, a sort of mature approach to having a rockin’ good time. Their songwriting finesse and musical artistry set the band on a playing field that’s really all their own. But what separates Rachel & The Kings the most from other bands is the real joy onstage they seem to experience themselves. It’s a relief to see the band is in on what you already know: that this is great stuff.

Rachel & The Kings’ are recording an EP set to start release June, 2014.


Adam Goldstein Westword Magazine
“Rachel has earned praise from local musicians as well as producers in L.A. One of her tunes had even garnered interest from Cher.”

“Listening to those tracks (Album, Tonic), it’s impossible to miss James’ ambition and range as a songwriter.”

Harrison Welshimer Music Munch
“When we see Rachel & The Kings, we’ve come to expect an outstanding performance every time. This is because they never fail to deliver.”

“Its songs like these that separate this band from its peers. Sure, rock definitely has to have sex, drugs and a bit of grunge, but it can be so much more. Rachel & The Kings have found a way to transcend the ‘normal’ rock n’ roll formula and still achieve success. In a time and age where we are inundated with negativity from the media and even our own peers, this band is spreading a message of hope.”

“It’s very rare a band clicks as fast as this one has. Ian and Steven have a knack for trading solos; Stefan and Noah lock in the time effortlessly; and Rachel is the perfect front-woman. The bottom line is these guys have fun on stage and it’s infectious.”

Kevin Jenkens Nanobot Rock
“Recently I had the chance to see Denver band Rachel & The Kings play at The Gothic Theater in Englewood, Co. Let me tell you, folks... they crushed it.”

“Striking a blend of the beautiful, melodic, groove and straight-ahead driving rock music, RAT Kings has the capacity to win over fans from across many genres and have the lyrical and musical fortitude to impress, delight and challenge contemporary radio while shattering expectations.”

Ellen Marie Hawkins Relate Magazine
“I love this band. Love. Listening to the songs, I always get this feeling that I’m on the brink of something brilliant, on the verge of breaking through. Of surfacing. Rachel sings in “Tonic,” my favorite song, ‘I will throw all your chains away...away...away’ in this slightly defiant, yet freeing way of hers, and I want to throw off all that encumbers me.”

Dave Pensado Mixing engineer
“Rachel and the Kings are definitely one of my favorite projects. Their songs are excellent and their shows have been generating excitement. I listen to music for a living but I listen to Rachel and the Kings for fun!”

-Winner of Ford’s Gimme the Gig II Event

-Rachel James top pop writer at Durango Songwriting Conference 2011

-Opened for Third Eye Blind in December 2013

-Opened for The Fray in December 2013

-Clear Channel 93.3 KTCL’s top band in Hometown for the Holidays 2012

-Rachel James wrote Slo Mo on Tyler Ward’s 2013 album release

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