Megan Burtt

Megan Burtt is what you'd expect to hear if John Mayer and Bonnie Raitt had a child in the south during the 60s and 70s. The Denver-based songstress has crossed the oceans studying human emotion and transforming her research into song.

“There is a wonderful uniqueness when listening to Megan Burtt, from her purposeful lyrics that invite you to pay attention to the story she is telling to her melodic delivery of those lyrics that make you glad that you did. Listen and enjoy…as often as you can.” -Bobby Rymer, Writer's Den Music Publishing, Nashville, TN

In 2013 Burtt recorded her third full-length album called "The Bargain" (to be released early 2015) inspired from a life-changing trip to Mississippi in 2007, and the years to follow.

"'The Bargain' is about death, about life, about transformation. It's triumphant, and raw. Yet, the arrangements and recordings are thick and lush; truly a departure from my previous work. It represents the change a person goes through when they hit the bottom and figure out how to crawl back to the top."

These days you can find Megan with three nationally recognized songwriting contest wins under her belt, and most often performing with her band in Colorado, or on a tour with fellow troubadours.

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