Hot Apostles

Mix 2 parts rhythmic precision, 1 part screaming guitar solos, add in the flair and style of piano and organ and wrap it up in a strong captivating vocal with a pretty smile and you have Hot Apostles. (Tequila optional but advised).
With their self titled debut album released to the public in 2013 and now a limited edition colored vinyl ready to hit the streets, Hot Apostles show no signs of cooling down. Since their Denver dive bar birth in late 2011, lead singer Eryn Swissdorf and guitarist/back up vocalist Tay Hamilton have honed their songwriting and vocal harmonizing skills to a sharp point. They pull influences from country, alternative, southern rock and punk but at the same time are none of these things entirely. If you ask any member they will simply say “Rock n Roll”. Backed by Denver music scene veterans Stephen Brooks (drums) and Roqui Lluma (bass), Hot Apostles also have a unique sound delivered to the mix with keyboardist and virtuoso Jared Fisher rocking their left flank. With their musical creations locked and loaded, Hot Apostles have their sights set on hitting the road as much as possible and getting back into the studio. If you are in the Denver area, you may just come across one of them handing out flyers, stickers, download cards or shots of tequila if you are nice. If you are somewhere else in the world, keep an eye out because they will be there soon as well.

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