Cauldron, Cleenteeth, Rites Of Impiety, Cathedral Fever, The Stand Alones


"like the very best NWOBHM songs ever" -Martin Popoff, BW&BK
"the clout of early Maiden with the snarl of early Metallica to neck-snapping perfection" -Alastair Riddell, KERRANG
"These guys sound like the best NWOBHM band you can think of with added muscle. The songs are packed with Priestly riffs and Maiden's pace with a Metallic weight" -METAL HAMMER
"Cauldron embodies everything that was great about the early 80's and add in the best bits of Megadeth" -KERRANG
"Worse than Bon Jovi" -BON GIOVI


Cleanteeth was formed in early 2008 as an experimental noise project, and have since evolved into a crushing array of loud rock, doom metal and electronic noise. Influenced by the likes of Karp, Butthole Surfers, Godflesh, My Bloody Valentine and armed with more full stacks than band members, the four-piece takes a wall of sound approach to creating its bastard blend of metal, noise, and rock.

Former members of Destructo Swarmbots, The Detachment Kit, and The Manhattan Project.

Over Halloween weekend in 2009, a 3 song demo was recorded with Brendan Tobin of Made Out Of Babies/Red Sparowes in Brooklyn, NY.

In 2012, Cleanteeth's lineup was finalized.

James O'Brien - Guitar
John McKinney - Guitar and Throat
Pete Ross - Guitar and Throat
Drew Mack - Bass Guitar and Throat
Kenny Appell - Drums and Beard
Cleanteeth's highly-anticipated first album demands attention. This is 42 minutes of sinister doom metal combined with bruising rhythms and raucous swells played on four stacks higher than the tallest band member. Within the first 10 seconds of Cleanteeth's feature debut, 'Pushing Rope', thunderous riffs echo out of three guitars while ominous licks force heads to bang with rhythmic precision. Fans will recognize influences ranging from Will Haven, KEN Mode, Harkonen and Harvey Milk to Breather Resist, Gaza, and Godflesh, yet Cleanteeth's sound is uniquely its own--a crushingly beautiful array of electric noise and soul-punching drum beats that will make you want to break something. And come back frothing at the mouth for more...

Formed in 2008, Cleanteeth is a massive sonic quintet comprised of veterans in the New York metal scene, featuring members of Goes Cube, Hull, Destructo Swarmbots, Godmaker, and White Widows.

Rites Of Impiety

Cathedral Fever

e started a band. Nothing interesting.

Four antisocial dudes taking delight in pushing contemporary hardcore punk into the dissonant shade of the dark astral unknown, and some shit.

The Stand Alones

Give us a listen you'll figure it out....and if you don't...DRINK MORE!



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