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Amo Joy is a 4 piece psych-pop band from Indianapolis IN. Fueled by a love for kazoos, slide whistles, loud guitars and cartoons, Amo Joy has released 2 full length records, "The Dictatorial Soiree" (self-released/out of print) and "Theophrastus Bombastus" (Royal Rhino Flying Records), has embarked on 8 national and regional tours, and is on the brink of nationally releasing a new record "The Sane Design" on Indianapolis-based Standard Recording Company. The Sane Design was initially planned to be two self-released 7" EPs consisting of new songs and songs from the out of print record, The Dictatorial Soiree. Standard Recording showed interest in the project and soon after, the 2 EPs became one 12 song vinyl LP. With the freedom of being able to stuff the records with whatever they wish, Amo Joy and Standard decided to include a 20 page hand-made Amo Joy activity booklet, along with liner notes, in every copy of the record. The Sane Design is NOW AVAILABLE in record stores nationwide on Standard Recording's website and online at all of your favorite MP3 stores. As for our name... what happens when a little kid named Adam can't pronounce his name and watches a lot of Sesame Street? He calls himself Amo (pronounced ae-moe). His parents think it's cute and it turns into a life long nickname. What, then, happens 20 or so years later when he and his bandmates are surrounded by a certain kind of candy bar wrapper trying to come up with clever band names? You do the math...

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Everything, Now!

Everything, Now! is now a 4-man Indiana-based psychedelic collective, whose songs toe the hazy line between Bowie & Beefheart, Prince & Primitive Blues, Brian Wilson & Wilson Pickett. The band originally started out with a much larger cast of players, sometimes numbering up to ten people on the stage. Everything, Now! incorporates multi-sensory aspects in their live performances, and it is not at all out of the ordinary for the band to, say, grill vegetables on stage while performing to hand out to the audience or invite friends to dawn costumes and dance on stage. An Everything, Now! live performance is a visceral, sensory treat.

They are a perpetually shape-shifting, standard song format-denying, reality-altering, energetic & member-changing live act dedicated to traveling the States (and beyond?!?) to bring you their vision of soul.

And it’s all DIY.

The band has released five and a half recordings through many different labels: Police, Police! and the Everything, Now! / Everthus the Deadbeats split 12” on Standard Recording Company and a vinyl re-issue of Sunshine of Doom on St. Ives), in addition to the legendary Bible Universe and Ugly Magic sisters. The latest favorite is called Spatially Severed the first album in a new trilogy, released on Holy Infinite Freedom Revival and MFT Records.


DMA is David "Moose" Adamson, songwriter for the now dissolved Indianapolis band Jookabox. DMA is a crust-funk musical project based in the infamous, powerful, and widely discussed "Scrimp-Screet" cultural movement. With DMA, Moo is now free to get as weird, creepy, and sweet as he pleases, in a lone wolf way. "It'll be nice to dance wildly at my shows again," quipped the handsome and sharp-witted Moose when reached for comment.

Mr. Kinetic

Mr. Kinetik draws from many wide influences to create the music you will hear. Music is an expressive and creative language and the pursuit of mastery is the driving force behind Mr. Kinetik. A quest for self-preservation through the use of music while adding some positive vibes to the equation along the way.



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