Beebs and Her Money Makers Album Release Party

Beebs and Her Money Makers

With the kazoo wielding songstress Beebs as their fearless leader, BaHMM is taking audiences by surprise with their high energy performances, and a refreshing never before heard blend of psychedelic rock, funk, blues, and hip-hop. Beebs and Her Money Makers origins date back to the Summer of 1969, where the band first met at an underground pool hall for " super heroes " in Upstate New York. They ...spent their first few months together traveling throughout the countryside, dropping acid, smoking grass, fighting crime and perfecting their musical stylings. When the 60's came to an end, and the hippie freak movement met it's demise, BAHMM decided to sign up for a top secret governmental experiment involving cryogenic freezing.


40 years later Beebs and Her Money Makers are released from their dormant state and unleashed upon the world yet again. It's been said that watching a BaHMM show is like a blast from the past mixed with a refreshing state, including the weed brownies. So come stoned, or come sober, or don't come at all, but watch out for these guys and gals as they will be coming to a city near you, very soon…

The Sh-Booms

The SH-BOOMS didn't come from the soul entrenched streets of the motor city, otherwise known as Detroit, but that same heart and soul has found its way to the sun filled land of Orlando where their current lineup formed in May 2011.

Al "The Thump" Ruiz conjured up this Soul Enterprise after leaving a previous garage pop act. Reaching for something new, he turned to the music he grew up listening to with the 'rents. Mom and Pops grew up in the soul scenes of both Chicago, Illinois and New Haven, Connecticut during the 60's - both hotbeds for talented Soul and Doo Wop groups. They traveled frequently going to record hops, even gracing the stages of Connecticut Bandstand and American Bandstand with their dance moves. All these stories (and a stunning vinyl collection to boot) sent "The Thump" on a soul-inspired journey in pursuit of new players and ideas he had never approached before.
Al "The Thump" Ruiz writes all the songs/arrangments and brings the thump on the bass. Emily "The Chirp" Patterson leads the troop with her powerhouse vocals backed by Kris" The Vocal Temptress" Osbourne. The percussion section is headed up by Kevin "The Skin Blaster" Connolly and Tyson "The Bod" Bodiford on congas/auxillary. The growlers are Samson Derrer on Alto Sax and Joe Meadows on trumpet. Earl "The Spark Jiver" Hoback tickles the 88's whileTony "El Matador" Aguirre is on the belly fiddle busting rhythm. And rounding it all out, Davis "Twinkle Toes" Schleicher is on lead guitar.

On June 6th, The Sh-Booms made their debut at Will's Pub in Orlando, Florida. The event featured 2 Soul ensembles and a set of DJ's spinning loads of vinyl from obscure 60's Soul,Doo Wop, Blues to the jams that we all know and love. An immediate write-up in the cities prominent Orlando Weekly, cited the event "...or you can just take artist development into your own hands like Orlando Retro-Soul group, the Sh-Booms, who made quite the debut splash that same night (Will's Pub). Looking and living the part, they take Doo Wop and Soul-Pop back to the grand showmanship days of coordinated wardrobe and dance moves. With piano, sax and especially the powerhouse pipes of singer Emily Patterson, they render classic splendor in extravagant fullness. It's hard to get too hung up on a band's regressiveness when it hits all the sweet spots like they do. And with the currently burgeoning interest in the timeless purity of oldies pop, the Sh-Booms could be the city's next good party band. One thing that's clear is that they spent time honing themselves before stepping out. A little more ensemble finessing and they'll be well on their way to Steeze City..." - Orlando Weekly - Bao Le Huu

The spin off from the event was an offer to play the prestigious Orlando Weekly's 'Best Of' Awards the following month. Ever since, The Sh-Booms have played a slew of shows from the big stages of Hard Rock Live - Hard Rocks 50th Anniversary Show: Main Stage - to opening for a variety of national acts at The Social, Will's Pub, and The Peacock Room, as other well known venues around the state.

The Sh-Booms current objective is to take 2013 by the horns in order to make it their transitional year. With a limited edition colored vinyl on the way, a grandiose music video produced by Mangrove Films for their single '123!', and countless show opportunities... the future looks bright, indeed!


MyVerse, was born and raised in Orlando, Fl by her mother and older brother. Her mother, a strong spiritual Latina, rooted her up in the church. To ensure that MyVerse flourished her creativity, her mother enrolled her in ballet, choir and band. Growing up MyVerse had a fascination with writing stories. At the tender age of 12 she began writing poetry, and developed her skills as a poet through out her adolescent years. By 15, she found Hip-Hop to be a culture and spirituality that strengthened and coincided with her religious upbringing. Being raised with a musically talented brother, who 8 years older, exposed her to music she wouldn't normally hear on the radio. Ranging from Christian Hip-Hop, Reggae Drum-n-Bass. This was the seed that cultivated MyVerse’s growing love for good conscious music. The moment that changed her life was when she decided to attend a military school at 17 to graduate high school. There she discovered the art of Spoken Word and began her first performances as a poet. MyVerse’s unique style of poetry and her passion for Hip-Hop effortlessly transitioned her into becoming an Emcee. This inspired her to enroll as a full-time journalist student to expand her craft as a writer and assists her task of carving a mold in Hip Hop music. Career highlights for MyVerse include: Her own open mic nights called "Prolific Mondays", she was a member of Team Orlando 09' for The National Poetry Slam, performed in countless poetry shows/slams including the recent Indie Summer Fest and The American Music Festival. In her career thus far, she has become a model/artist with, and is a volunteer with Spoken Word Press. With the teamwork and love of her Sistren, MyVerse has ventured into to mentoring high school poetry clubs. and Helps conduct annual poetry slams in Orlando.

Katie Burkess & The Ruby Rays

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