The Cliftones

The Cliftones

The Cliftones are a group of musicians, who together, create powerful music - a unique style of crucial, powerhouse roots reggae. In the true spirit of roots and culture, The Cliftones blend the sounds of a relentless dance groove with positive upliftment in the lyrical message. The result is an individual sound that is undeniably their trademark.
Influences: Steel Pulse, Burning Spear, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh, Toots, Gregory Issacs, yellow man, Pato Banton.

The Almighty Get Down

We are 7 mother's sons who have dedicated our lives to the search for good music within ourselves, to make something lasting with the people we meet, and to go ahead and have the time of our lives doing it. Old school, future school, all original funk, soul, RnB, with all the wild abandon of a straight up rock concert.

Magic Jackson

Magic Jackson mashes searing guitar solos with a groove-based rhythm section of dance beats, slap bass, and chicken scratch guitar to create a signature sound that is fresh yet familiar. MJ blur the line between the genres of rock and funk to create music that, one moment, will conjure imagery of classic soul and blues, while the next will have you on your feet bouncing to the hard-hitting thump of dance music.

Influences ranging from Jamiroquai, Parliament Funkadelic, Ohio Players and Slave, to Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers have allowed Magic Jackson to bring a multi-faceted, yet widely appreciated original style to a diverse fan base.

Primarily defined by high energy live performances, Magic Jackson has entertained audiences at clubs, theaters, and music festivals across the midwest since 2008. Dayton-area Music Critic Don Thrasher describes Magic Jackson's music as "lascivious white-boy funk" and their live show is a true reflection of that vision. The unique talents and diverse songwriting skills MJ brings to the stage showcase a cohesive package steeped in vamping, improvisation, and unorthodox song structure. The band is known for getting the party started and is regularly tapped by promoters and talent buyers to get crowds warm for national touring acts.

In 2009, MJ released their first studio album, “Freak Tab”, which was ranked one of the top 5 local releases of that year by The Dayton City Paper, continues to receive great reviews from industry professionals, and has sold out of hard copies. The self produced album hearkens back to the decades-old traditions of the funk masters while staying true to the raw grit of the Dayton music scene of the past 30 years and has been widely accepted by all types of music fans.

In 2011, Magic Jackson went back into the studio to work on their second full length album. Armed with some bass grooves, a few big hooks, and a general concept for the bigger picture of what they wanted to create, MJ wrote the majority of their follow up album in the studio as they were recording it. Entitled "Venus In Transit", this effort is the true collaboration of an eclectic blend of ideas and comes correct with a dirty batch of streetwise funk-rock, ranging from the lighthearted party anthem, to bitter breakup songs, and social commentary tinged with a blunt truthfulness not seen in today's pop landscape. Through it all, the band delivers scintillating grooves, sizzling guitar interplay, and the huge sing-along choruses that the band is so well known for. Tapping into the sloshy grooves, throbbing beats, and gang vocals characteristic of the funk that put Dayton on the music map, Magic Jackson achieves a melody oriented, rhythmically driven collection of polished funk tunes realized through a filter of distortion and blue collar attitude synonymous with the stripped down abandonment and riff rock sensibility of a garage band. The 2012 release arrives with substance, style and a spirit that captures the aggressive, in-your-face vibe of their live show.

In an ailing music industry, saturated with artists frantically clamoring for your attention, for this hardworking group, the mission is clear and the philosophy is simple: produce music that is straightforward and honest, fun to listen to, fun to play, rocks hard, funks harder.



Addl. $2 at door for 18-20 This show is The Cliftones new single release show.

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