Mice Parade

Mice Parade

Mice Parade was originally the solo project of New Yorker Adam Pierce, who has also played in Swirlies, The Dylan Group, HiM, Múm, and Philistines Jr.

From its outset, Mice Parade showed a boldly inventive, highly individual take on post-rock / electronica. Following 1998's Bubble Core album, 'The True Meaning Of BoddleyBaye', their first FatCat album, 'Ramda' ('99), forged a distinctive, immersive audio space of piled-up percussion and atmospheric, hook-laden melodics.

2001 saw the release of a third album, 'Mokoondi', which marked a shift in the Mice Parade sound, including the increased influence of Eastern harmonics and African beats, and the formation of a proper band of musicians. What started out as a studio project has since developed into a full touring band, based around a two-drumkit rhythm section, with HiM's Doug Scharin on the other kit. Also in accompaniment are vibes, violin, classical guitar, rhodes piano and old synths, and a variety of acoustic / world instruments, forging Mice Parade into a seriously talented, energetic live unit.

'Focus On The Rollercoaster' was released in December 2003, followed sharply by the LP, 'Obrigado Suadade', the following month. This album, Mice Parade's third for FatCat, saw the band moving into poppier, more accessible terrain, with Pierce introducing full vocals for the first time, including contributions on several tracks by Kristin from múm. The subsequent LP, 'Bem-Vinda Vontade' expanded this theme, albeit with more sonic emphasis on FX driven indie-rock guitars.

Featuring guest vocals from Letitia Sadier and Kristin Valtisdóttir, Mice Parade's June 2007 eponymous offering, could be seen as a refined take on the ground made over the previous two, merging folk-tinged electronica with the 'Loveless' era swoon of My Bloody Valentine, the rhythmic subtlety of Can, and the opaque melodic experiments of Brian Eno. Yet as ever, Mice Parade's sound is essentially modern, informed by an esoteric palette, retaining a familiar acoustic presence via an uncliched take on folk/world influences.

Mice Parade released a new album - the frolicking, giddy-paced and critically acclaimed 'What It Means To Be Left-Handed' - in September 2010, followed by an extensive tour of the UK and Europe.

Hi Ho Silver Oh

HI HO SILVER OH heads out in January in promotion of their second full-length album, Big Rocks. The band, made up of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Casey Trela and rhythm section Jon Mackey and Kevin Manwarren, has fleshed out the bedroom acoustics of earlier recordings and honed their sound with a propulsive ruggedness. Over the course of Big Rocks, the band ebbs and flows with an uncanny fluidity from the caterwauling feedback of "High Tide I," to the shimmering pop of "Trees." From the anthemic bombast of "My Confessor" and sparkly gore of "Showers Without Warning" to the harrowing intimacy of "Belly Line."

Casey Trela's lyrics have never been so potent as they are on Big Rocks. Like a candid conversation with an old friend, Trela's words occupy an eerie space that manages to be both extremely personal and unexpectedly cosmic in the same breath. Even at the album's most mournful and introspective moments, the songs glimmer with a comforting playfulness, always anchored by the sheer power Trela wields as a vocal performer.

"Hi Ho Silver Oh is incredible live— I always leave their shows feeling empowered and full of love and hope. Frontman Casey Trela is mild-mannered and kind. Maybe in a previous life he was a folk singer, but in this life he can shred. His voice is haunting, and cracking with emotion at every lyric. You can actually watch him enjoy every single moment on stage through his half smile."
-Chelsea Naftelberg, BuzzChips.com

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