TL;DR, Animals In Human Attire, The Earthlings

Updated 60's garage-rock band from Madison, WI. Melodic, surfy, cool.

Animals In Human Attire

Animals In Human Attire is a muti-member Indie Rock band from Milwaukee, WI.

Animals In Human Attire was originally started by Jack Tell in early fall of 2009. The project started as an output for Jack's solo folk material while he attended college in Madison WI earning a degree in Audio Engineering. During the first few months the band went threw several incarnations of members as they began to perform and record new material. Quickly Jack found that his project had taken upon a new life with multiple new members contributing to his songwriting & musical direction.

For the last two years AIHA has been touring the Midwest in support of their self-titled 2010 EP. The gang has begun production on a new EP and have been working on material for a full length album.

Several members of Animals In Human Attire also perform on occassion as Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel Band. AIHA bass player Myles Coyne dawns the role of lead songwriter/coordinator for the project. This incarnation provides the band with an alternate style of music, a pleseant mix of Folk and Pop music, and a few different members. The gang has been recording a record over the course of the last year. Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel Band is set to for a summer release in August 20011.

Bread King Collective
The Bread King Collective is a Milwaukee music scene made up of members of Animals In Human Attire & various other musical groups. The Collective was started by AIHA's bass player Myles Coyne and Senor Cowbell himself, Cassidy J. David- Webber in 2009. The initial idea was to start a community of bands who collaborate on recordings and live performances within the local Milwaukee area. Bands that have joined Bread King include, Temple (Punk Rock), Dance Cadaverous (Psychedelic/Jazz/Metal), Calliope (Revival Rock), Jamie Yanda (solo Temple project), Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel Band (Folk/Indie) Fuckhoney (Dino Rock) and of course Animals In Human Attire. Every project shares a member(s) that brings a unique sound and style to whatever project they are performing with. The collective has been playing shows around Wisconsin for several years. Myles and Cassidy have aspirations to turn Bread King into an Indie record label. The Label will focus on limited pressings of 45" releases from The Bread King Collective. Until then the collective will continue to set up events and self produce and releases their material.

Official AIHA Members (2011)
Jack Tell: Vocals/Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Myles Coyne: Bass/Keys
Charlie Celenza: Drums
Justin Miller: Buckets/Pots & Pan/Percussion
Justin Christopher Zander: Electric Guitar
Nathan Toth: Percussion/Synth/Glock
Kasen Rumpf: Violin
Cassidy J. David-Webber: Cowbell/Tambourine

The Earthlings

Born in a Madison, Wisconsin basement in the early winter of 2010, the collective began as a group of friends expressing themselves through musical experimentation.

Within a year, it expanded from one recording of a few people to an album of sixteen musical collages called Earth, featuring contributions of a dozen musicia
ns and a core group of six members: Elliott & Noah Gilfillan, Luke Peters, Logan Grahn, Chucky Brown, & John Anderson. The formation of the group reflects their sound: malleable, multi-polar, and evolutionary. With a base rooted in groove and dynamism, the music transverses the genres of the 50's to the present era, slicing from every good aspect of 90's rock with folk swing and neo-reggae-tronic elements.

As 2011 passed into 2012, the band progressed into a more defined and engaged entity - performing for Madison and Milwaukee audiences meeting like-minded groups such as Venice Gas House Trolley and Wook. The Earthlings were affirmed of their funk when they recently scored a spot at Summerfest 2013 by winning Milwaukee's River Rhythms Battle of the Bands.
With the various instrumentation & vocal harmonies soothing the air, the lead-sharing effect creates an immersive architecture that stands the hairs on end.

As positive vibrations spill forth, people become filled with the spirit of shared luminous consciousness and leave the experience with an impression that carries the excitement on into their lives forever.

Upcoming Events
High Noon Saloon