Rock The Monkey Benefit For Primates Incorporated

Swing The Monkey Benefit For Primates Incorporated

Enjoy big band music performed by Ladies Must Swing, a jazz band consisting of 19 energetic dames. There will be prizes for best dancers.

Doors open at 4:00p, and Social Life Dance Center will be giving dance lessons shortly after; Ladies Must Swing performs 4:30p-6:30p. Proceeds benefit Primates Incorporated, the nonprofit organization that is constructing a much-needed indoor/outdoor monkey sanctuary near Westfield, WI

Patchwork Monkey

Patchwork Monkey is a female fronted band grounded in blues, funky tunes, torchy jazz, rollicking rock, edgy folk, precious metal, post-grunge lounge, and apocolyptic pop. While borrowing from sources as diverse as Bach, Arabic Maqa'am, and 1930s classic blues, the band is edgy, bawdy and whimsical. The band's 5 members feature the lovely Rebecca Sites's vocals, the deft piano of Blake Gilmore and the sweet guitar work of Alec Stanley, with Josh "Doogie" Venden delivering the groovy the bass (upright and electric) and "Miracle Max" Slater tapping and thrashing on the skins. They have been swinging around the wilds of Madison Wisconsin since 2005. Patchwork Monkey puts on a visual spectacle when they play live ... transforming any stage into a sanctuary for stuffed monkeys that are concealed and revealed with the pulsing and spinning of the stage lights. The light-hearted and joyful performances belie the dark subject matter, death... sex... and pain. But people dance to it, so it's cool. From the guaranteed to grab your attention vocals, to the intricate interplay between the band, to whimsical staging, the Patchwork Monkey is confident that you will be entertained!

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