Almost There

Almost There

Almost There is a good ol' fashioned rock trio from Asbury Park, NJ. The group is led by dual frontmen Ed Soles and Zach Sicherman on guitar and bass, and backed by drummer Mike "Seahawk" Lucchetti. The combination produces an original blend of uptempo, melodic, alternative rock with hints of many other genres ranging from punk to reggae. The band's ability to arrange and execute tight two-part harmonies and syncopated rhythms makes them really stand out from others in the genre.

Good Graces

Good Graces is a heartfelt, melodic punk band from Port Richmond.

Pulling Punches

Take the many traditions of punk rock, from the DC days of old, to the post hardcore of the 90's, and a bit of today, and you get Pulling Punches. If you listen closely you can hear guitar feedback in sweaty basements, youth crew shout outs, and bottles smashing against the walls. We are the end result of years of listening to records blaring through speakers at all hours of the day and night. We hope you enjoy the ride.

Only On Weekends

The seeds of Only on Weekends were planted over ten years ago by four high school students in Cherry Hill, NJ. The current line-up of the band is Harry (vocals / guitar), Kenny (bass / vocals), Anthony (drums) and Jes (keyboard / vocals).

Only on Weekends is a serious band that doesn’t take itself too seriously, drawing influences from bands like The Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World. Our newest release is our EP, Dig In, which is filled with songs that are catchy and fun, while at the same time, heartfelt and meaningful. With themes of growing up and drifting apart from people that you used to hold closely, the songs on this EP are ones that just about anyone can relate to.

$8.00 - $10.00


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