Fresh Hops is a 7-piece band from the Tri-Town Area of North West Indiana. After two years of being together, their sound continues to evolve and the family continues to grow. Fresh Hops have been lucky enough to share some bills with nationally known acts such as, Kyle Hollingsworth(SCI), Cornmeal, Pnuma Trio, Future Rock, Tea Leaf Green, Toubab Krewe, Mr. Blotto, Groovatron, and Ecoustic Hookah. Fresh Hops has performed shows in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Colorado. Fresh Hops are constantly ragin' the Region and all throughout Indiana, as well as Chicago, Illinois. Having "FUN" is the major objective, for the fans, family, and also the musicians. Isn't that what music is about? Some recent shows include: the Double Door, the Elbo Room, the Kinetic Playground, Reggie's Music Joint, the Subterranean, Martyrs', and the Goose Island Brew Pub all in Chicago. The Hideaway Saloon in Kentucky and the Frequency in Madison, Wisconsin. Quixotes True Blue, Cervantes Other Side, Rock N Soul Cafe, and Herman's Hideaway in Colorado. Mousetrap, Shoreline Brewery, Lafayette Brew Co., and the Bluebird and Uncle Festers in Indiana. The music on here are all Fresh Hops originals recorded by Jeff Luif.

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The New Fuse

Born out of Chicago's vibrant music scene The New Fuse has emerged as a distinct original sound that transcends classification. Genres like funk, blues, rock, jazz do come to mind but more often do the descriptors energy, passion, intensity. It is a sound marinated with decades of experience playing, studying, and living music of all varieties. From classical to rock, Latin to blues and funk the members of "The Fuse", founder/bassist, Shane Davies, guitar/vocalist, Brent Kimbrough, saxophone/vocalist, Rodney Brown and drummer/percussionist Ben Scholz have an unparalleled palate of influences free of boundaries. Rock tempered by jazz, blues and funk flavored by Latin rhythms - all of these are the elements that make The New Fuse a force of original progressive music. It's the welcoming openness of The New Fuse's music that has captured audiences diverse in age, gender, race, class. No band can be all things to all people, but with The New Fuse there's bound to something in there for you, and if not, that could change at any moment.

The Great I Am and Fam

The Great I Am is touring band from Chicago currently based out of Peoria, IL.

They have topped the charts globally in the Jam category on the Reverbnation charts and are currently ranked #1 in Chicago.

Following the successful reception of The Great I Am’s debut LP Up in the Air, the band has performed at the Cabin Fever Indoor Camping and Music Festival and are excited to play this year’s Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL. They have played other select venues in Illinois such as The Castle Theater, Apollo Theater, and The Abbey Pub in preparation for their first tour beginning in the Spring of 2013. They are also booked to play clubs during Jazzfest in New Orleans, LA.

Up in the Air was recorded live at Red Brick Recording in Chicago, IL. It was completed in 3 days with very few overdubs. The Great I Am’s mission was to capture their live performance energy on this recording. The band also wanted to showcase their ability to blend different musical stylings into one coherent album. The result was an album that is pleasing to the ears of many music fans. Up in the Air was written as an entire album, not just an album with songs randomly thrown together. There are elements of funk, rock, country, blues, and jam.

The Great I Am is supported 100% financially by Flea Circus Entertainment and has been relocated from Chicago, IL to a 6 bedroom band house in Peoria, IL to eat, sleep, and breathe music. They are currently writing new material for another album. They are also refining their live performance in preparation for their upcoming 2013 Spring / Summer tour.

The wheels of this road ready band are in motion. Please stay tuned as they will be coming to a town near you!

Brothers Rage

Brothers Rage is a quartet consisting of guitar, bass, keys, and drums. Forming in 2011, the band started creating a buzz around Chicago and Illinois by playing often at local venues and summer music festivals. Offering a unique angle on “jamband music,” listeners took notice by repeatedly coming back to the shows time after time, resulting in a strong and loyal following.

The music created leans towards the heavier side of jamband music consisting of tight, chunky riff-rock fused with jazz influenced improvisation and funky grooves. A live Brothers Rage shows consist of structured compositions balanced with free-form improvisations. The band also covers a wide array of songs and genres ranging from Beatles to Black Sabbath; Zappa to The Police; Steely Dan to Rush; and many more!

Brothers Rage brings it all to the party: Rock, funk, soul, you name it….if you find yourself at a Brothers Rage show, chances are you’re going to find yourself bobbing your head, moving your feet and shaking your hips in no time flat. Don’t deprive yourself any longer…go see Brothers Rage as soon as you possibly can!

$8.00 - $12.00


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