Silver Abuse

Silver Abuse

Silver Abuse was one of the original punk bands in Chicago, forming in 1977. There were various versions of Silver Abuse, but the original version starred lifetime member Bill Meehan, along with Santiago Durango and Camilo Gonzalez, early members of Naked Raygun. Silver Abuse broke up for good in 1983. After the original version of Silver Abuse disbanded in the late 70s, most of the members of SA formed The Wayouts!. Even though The Wayouts! included many of the same members of Silver Abuse, their lazer-sharp sardonic and cartoonish one-minute pop missives varied so greatly from Silver Abuse's sloppy yet spot-on political and social dissections, that they are best not included in the greater Silver Abuse beastiary. Some of The Wayouts!' members became Silver Abuse again after their last show on New Year's Eve, 1980. There was also a later spin-off group called Burden of Friendship.

Sadly, Jaqui Disler passed away in 2004 after a long battle with cancer.

Daemon Familiar

Daemon Familiar is a Chicago-based trio that revels in the power pop tradition of catchy melodies and harmonies backed by roaring guitars, growling bass and thumping drums. Their second album, Brontosaurus Rex, exemplifies this as the band draws heavily from their stockpile of influences, including Cheap Trick, Hüsker Dü and Sloan.

Go Time

Go Time! "hit it!"
There it is! I was wondering where all the regular guy rock went. You know, rock n roll music for actual people who actually like to have a beer, have a good time, and hear some rock n roll. Hook-filled, driving, unpretentious, timeless stuff here...if they are playing at your corner bar don't dare miss 'em, and if they're not, then be sure to get this CD ASAP, cuz you'll dig it. Or you ain't regular.

I Lost Control

"I Lost Control should appeal to anybody that likes gloomy British music from the ’80s, but they’re a little more interesting than most of their immediate peers"
- OSWALD HOBBES, Assault The Weekend

Our output is something edgy and interesting, along the post-punk revival vein; average listeners and dedicated old-school indie-fans enjoy our shows.

** Formed in early 2008, Chicago IL.

Entering its second iteration, I Lost Control is rockin' as strong as ever.

Stevo continues to lead the charge with 360s, knee drops and angel wings on stage. First lieutenant Tennent backs him up on lead axe, walking the fine line between subtle hooks and uncontrolled feedback. He remains the band's genuine gloomy British connection.

Tina L Sunny joins them to add a wealth of Indiana indie rock heritage on the bass. She also brings stunning good looks and an innate knowledge of herbal remedy cures. This is why the faint scent of peppermint pervades every I Lost Control show.

The band rounds out with a percussive story that has beginnings in 1981 Athens, GA. JB spent the next twenty years wandering around the US with his paint brushes and drum sticks before chancing upon the I Lost Control 'Factory' studio. He needed a band. They needed a drummer. They all loved German meat balls and schnapps.

Thus, they became four.

** Now...

I Lost Control's 2011 debut EP Cones & Arrows is floating around cyber space and available at choice Chicago music shops such as Laurie's Planet Of Sound, Hard Boiled Records, and Reckless. We have two full-releases worth of material on the books.

Much more to follow…



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