Free 4th of July Concert Featuring: Mac & Juice Quartet

Mac & Juice Quartet

Since their beginnings well over a decade ago, Mac & Juice have made tremendous evolutionary strides from their days as a dynamic acoustic duo. Now performing as an electrified Quartet, their vast stylistic range remains seamlessly translated into every original song. The band personally describes their sound as “Jammy-Soul-Rock & Roll.” Performing a minimum of 100 shows every year, they consistently prove that they are a force to be reckoned with onstage, to every audience they encounter. Whether listening to their album or experienced live, the end result is a sound all its own that lends itself to a very broad range of listeners.
The first release of the solidified Mac & Juice Quartet lineup, Can You Tell Me showcases the organic, electric essence of the band in its current, always evolving form. The nine songs on the album perfectly document the band's gravitation to an edgier rock influence and highlight the unity of the ensemble as a whole, while still maintaining the signature warmth and soulful roots of the music itself at its core.



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