Just because these two guys are some of the best and most influential DJs to ever come out of the Chilean hip-hop scene, doesn’t mean that when they get together to produce music the end result is will sound anything like standard hip-hop beats. The resulting synergy is called RVSB, a texting-era abbreviation of Raff vs. Bitman. And what they do together has very little to do with what they did on their own. There’s almost no hip-hop, no scratching, no funky break-beats and no rap on their album (available now on Nacional Records), which I guess will appeal more to the modern EDM crowd than the orthodox b-boys. What you’ll find is some top-notch nondescript electronic abstract beats like the one you have down here as a free download.

Chilean producer/tastemaker Sokio has built an impressive profile in the Chilean pop renaissance as both a performer and the mastermind of the PONK label/collective (Dadalu, Karine Alexandrino, Les Ondes Martenot, Compacto). Although never a hardcore experimentalist, his songs mostly traveled among the waters of the sequencing & the instrumental. Vocally, it’s like an intersection between Gustavo Cerati and Los Abominables (previously 6 Million Dollar Weirdo). His album "Atlántico" is a collection of sober, clear-minded catchy pop songs with bold and defined strings outlining a world of disenchantment.

Canada-based Colombian artist and musician Lido Pimienta is one of those brave, unique souls who encourages you to open your heart more just by being who they are. Her detailed drawings and folk-art inspired paintings mirror her intensely personal and intensely political music. The music combines the enchanting intimacy of Juana Molina’s fragile electronic soundscapes with the handmade art pop of The Blow, and something punk — like Suicide getting in touch with their twee side. Her critically lauded 2010 Spanish-language debut album Color, is like a beautiful (and highly accessible) art installation made from ordinary craft supplies and stuff people keep around the house. It’s a bright world of rhythm and melody that you just want to walk around in and contemplate.

Cholita Sound

Caterina Purdy is easily one of the most eccentric artists making electro cumbia in the world today, and we’re not just talking about the Day-Glo provocations of her music videos and dramatically staged live shows. The visual artist turned producer is musically unconventional as well. Traditional Chilean sounds are not a go-to influence in dance music, even in global bass. But then, Purdy is Chilean and, well, Andean music is really pretty sick. Her tracks are as danceable and tight as they are playful and unpredictable, with styles that shifting like a kaleidoscope. It reflects the artist’s restless nature. Cholita Sound is just one of her identities. As Purdy Rocks, she creates electro rock, and that moniker shelters further alter ego’s Monga and Shenga La Warrior.

Offending Command (DJ Set)

Offending Command is the sound work of Mateo Zlatar, Chilean artist and designer currently operating from Brooklyn, NY.


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