The Unlikely Candidates

Who would’ve thought small town boredom, adrenaline, and a lust for recklessness mixed together on the suburban streets of Forth Worth, TX would end up producing raw, real, and infectious rock anthems? Although they didn't know each-other yet, Cole Male and Kyle Morris were booked on separate accounts of grand theft auto and ended up in a Ft .Worth Juvenile dentition center together. The two became fast friends, and as their brush with the law came to an end, they decided to focus their energies Influenced by Bob Dylan, The Strokes, and The Beatles, these best friends quickly found a style all their own, a local crowd in the hundreds, and some local radio love from Dallas Alt. station 102.1 the Edge...their sound...bohemians with a drunken Texan drawl. While backpacking and street performing through Prague and Amsterdam at eighteen, Kyle began to feel a transcendence of identity. He conceived an album that reflected his new found romance with the land of his ancestors, while sharpening his affection and affliction to his roots in the States. Back home in Texas, uniting with classmates Kevin Goddard (Drums), Josiah Maughn (Lead Guitar), and Brenton Carney (Bass), The Unlikely Candidates were born. With an authentic sound and an ability to paint vivid pictures with their lyrics, The Unlikely Candidates transcend trends with a focus on the art of the song.

Born Cages

New York's alt-rock outfit Born Cages thrives on creatively seeking freedom, whether it's in the studio or on stage. There's no rulebook or template, simply unhindered art in its purest form when Vlad Holiday [lead vocals/guitar], Amanda Carl [keyboards/backing vocals], Matt Maroulakos [bass guitar], and Dave Tantao [drums] converge. The band members each made their own imprint on the fertile New York scene before forming in 2011. Within their first year together, the band's self-released online demos stirred a major buzz - with NYC's most prominent rock radio station Q104.3FM giving them frequent airtime, and by sharing the stage with Guns N' Roses for two sold out U.S. shows. "The band name is a symbol for discontentment," reveals Vlad. "It's being unsatisfied with what you're given, but actually doing something about it." Born Cages' shared boundless mentality (a delicate alchemy of raw guitars and shimmering electronics) powers The Sidelines EP, their debut release for Razor & Tie.

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