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Status Faux

Status Faux started as a project between friends when Josh decided to start a new band with a coworker. Months later, Chris May from the thrash band Face Eraser joined forces with Status Faux after the band broke up. The project took a bit to get off the ground due to member changes but all came together when Matt and Bratz from Poncho Villa and the Banditos decided to jump on drums and bass in late 09'. Since then, a vibrant brand new Status Faux has come together, the band has a unique blend of styles and prides itself on not adapting to one genre. The common theme is the urgent socially conscious message. Status Faux is currently mastering a full length with Goldentone Studios and expecting a split 7" releases on Infintesemal Records. The band has played with such acts as Agent Orange, GBH, Antiseen, The Vibrators, Star Fucking Hipsters, The Fleshtones, The Independents and many more.

She Likes Todd

Nondescript Alloy-Edged, Progressive Punk Rock.

Hello! Dave here! I've known Rob since I was a wee lad of 14 or so. Todd and I used to jam before either of us could really play our instruments. One day, Rob approached us to start a "punk" band. I thought "Punk, eh? How hard can that be? We'll be famous in no time!" Well over a decade later, we have found out how hard it can be. We have played all over the country, and some in Canada. We had a major line up change when Kyle joined the band in '06 and Todd joined Rule 22 in '08, being replaced by Dennis. This is the true lineup and sound, and we're really happy to be making the music that we do. We have played with The Alkaline Trio, Strung out, Authority Zero, The Queers, The BollWeevils, Agent Orange, 88 Fingers Louie, and D.I...and they all thought we sucked. I"m just kidding. They wouldn't even talk to us. What do we sound like? I've heard someone say "you guys should be on RoadRunner", and I was like HOW DARE YOU? and another guy was like "I feel like I was watching Millencolin in 1994", to which I said "m'kay". Check out our music through facebook, buy any or all of our merch through our online store, or, how about this...COME TO SHOWS! YOU DON'T GO TO ENOUGH SHOWS ANYMORE! NO ONE DOES! Pick up "A Story Still Untold" for $5. Some kid from reverb nation said it was the best album of the year. So that must mean it is. So that's it. We love you.



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