Michael Koppy, Frank Lindamood, Ray Vaughn

Michael Koppy

Michael Koppy writes songs that actually say something—be they off-the-wall and playful (think Randy Newman-esque) or serious and substantive. His recent Ashmore’s Store CD was named “The Best Album of 2012” by Country Music People magazine—the critic going on to write “and Mr Koppy’s song, ‘All in the Timing’, is the best song this critic has heard in the past 30 years”. A regular here when he used to live in San Francisco, this’ll be his first return to the Hotel Utah after six years gone. On guitar, nine-string guitar and harmonicas.

Frank Lindamood

Frank Lindamood is The Real Deal. A regular at the Florida State Folk Festival, he lives in place he built by hand (and without indoor plumbing), at the end of a dirt road deep in the turpentine piney woods of the Florida Panhandle, not too far from a little crossroads town called Sopchoppy. A legitimate throw-back and connection to an earlier era in American music, Frank’s original songs are mostly either religious themed or about actual events. On banjo, guitar and resonator guitar. This will be his first time playing more than a hundred miles from home—and it’ll certainly be the only time you’ll ever be able to see and hear him in San Francisco.

Ray Vaughn

Ray Vaughn’s newest album may be called “Wounded Bird”, but he’s really more of a phoenix rising from the ashes of a forgotten San Francisco. He founded Punk/Art Rock band Hostages in 1979, and later Die Bossanova in 1984, leaving his mark on the then-thriving SF scene until disappearing from the public eye in 1992. Now, over 20 years later, Ray has returned as someone tempered by time and experience--with new stories to tell.


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