The Fontaine Classic, Animal Super Species, The Y Axes

The Fontaine Classic

The Fontaine Classic consists of Drummer Frank Roehr and Guitarist Tyler Mehlhaff. The duo formed in 2008 in Chico CA. They now live in Portland Oregon and are releasing ‘Latest Faith’ LP to vinyl on FlipSide records.

Animal Super Species

Animal Super Species was formed in Santa Cruz in 2009 by college roommates Danny Gunny and Reilly Mahon. Influenced by the likes of The Strokes and Thom Yorke, Gunny's DIY approach to songwriting and recording fused electronic dance beats with raw garage rock. The group began playing shows in Summer of 2011 in support of their self-produced EP Phobos. Since then they have recorded and released their debut LP Yearbook, the polished production of which has developed their sound into a new breed of anthemic dance rock, and have begun performing at established venues throughout the Bay Area.

The Y Axes

The Y Axes are a DIY alt pop band from San Francisco. With intricate melodies slipped into even the most straightforward phrases, and driving rhythms punctuated with distinct moments of negative space, The Y Axes consider themselves eclectic in sound as well as nature. Their lyrical narratives draw a hopeful picture of a seemingly disintegrating backdrop, transforming social chaos and despair into stories of love growing even at the end of the world.


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