Chris Velan

Chris Velan

"I have two lenses," admits Montreal-based singer-songwriter, Chris Velan. "The small one is focused internally, learning about myself. The large one point's outward, observing how the world works in its complexity. I try to find my own truths on both those levels of inquiry."

Searching for these truths since first picking up a guitar at the age of nine, Velan's journey to understand how he and the world itself operates has taken him down two distinct paths: law and music. In his early 20s, Velan was determined to make sense of humanity's struggles through a career in law, only to realize - after collaborating on the Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars' documentary - that he could make as great an impact through music by its simple yet profound ability to connect people.

Motivated by a range of influences spanning 70s' singer-songwriters, blues, rock, 80s alternative, West African music and reggae, Velan continues his goal to carve out his own path, directly inspired by the loneliness, searching, exhilaration and exhaustion of a nomadic musical lifestyle.

Robert Gillies

Robert Gillies is one part award-winning songwriter, one part folk-popper, and every bit an infectiously energetic performer. Ask him what he writes and the may take you by surprise: "Soap rock. I write folky, poppy, soft rock. Too many words for a genre. So I put it all together and got soap rock. It says it all, though; soap is bubbly and refreshing, and that's what I love to play. Music that gets you high on life and deeper in

Crowding Out

Crowding Out is Brandon Crowder, a singer-songwriter and Bay Area native. After keeping his musical talents mostly to himself for years, Brandon began performing live in and around the Bay Area in 2011. In 2012, after years of writing and encouragement from friends and family, he released a 7-song EP, which was received well by old and new fans alike. This positive feedback inspired Brandon to dive into music full-time, and he’s currently working on his full-length album, "Is This What You Imagined?", due out later this year. Crowding Out’s musical style blends acoustic, classic, and folk rock in a way that is sure to turn the heads of even the most stubborn listeners. Upon the album’s release, Brandon looks to hit the road and expose his unique sound to new audiences.


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