Cedric Burnside Project

Cedric Burnside Project

Cedric Burnside, renowned as one of the best drummers in the world & grandson of the legendary R.L Burnside, has collaborated with his younger brother, Cody Burnside, and talented guitar and bass player ,Trenton Ayers, to create The Cedric Burnside Project. The Cedric Burnside Project will introduce a new & original genre of music by infusing Mississippi Hill Country Blues, Funk, R&B and soul that will keep your foot stomping all night long!

Old Gray Mule

How do you break bar sales records in Australia, a country so married to their liquor habit that citizens have been known to partake in a little tipple during the workday *with* their bosses? You give patrons what Old Gray Mule’s got: juke blues boogie backed up with a ton of joy.
It was the blues that led Austin, Texas, native C.R. Humprhey to pick up his guitar again after a short break that turned into a 13-year hiatus. Inspired by the raw, rural end of the spectrum, with an emphasis on the music coming out of the north Mississippi hill country for the past 60 years – from R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, T-Model Ford and Paul “Wine” Jones on up to Cedric Burnside and Lightnin’ Malcolm – Humphrey dedicated himself to learning this simple-sounding, not-the-same-old-twelve-bar-blues style that was bringing him so much pleasure. And it’s a good thing he had that dedication since this pared down style was not as simple as it seemed. But after hardcore immersion and practice, Humphrey did get a handle on it, and under the handle Old Gray Mule, he began writing, recording, and playing out.
And as Old Gray Mule continued to play – Humphrey honing his craft while playing or recording with the likes of Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, T-Model Ford, Cedric Burnside, Kenny Brown, Lightnin Malcolm, Kinney Kimbrough, David Kimbrough Jr, and Hosea Hargrove – crowds gathered, responding not only to the skilled playing, but also the great joy with which OGM shows are imbued. People didn’t just watch; encouraged by the fun and friendly air of an OGM show, they danced, women got up on stage, and of course, contributed to the atmosphere. Expanding on the aforementioned Australian bar sales records, Humphrey talks about how patrons packed the clubs like sardines in a can, how OGM played a wake where the widow danced and the mourners showered roses on the band (actual roses – there is pictorial proof), and of a memorable album launch show in Adelaide when “we had a fat Elvis doing karate on stage with us, the usual girls getting down, a guy making mad love to a PA column after giving a minute or so of oral first, a guy making beer angels on the floor at the back, and on and on and on.”
Now with the release of the fourth album “Like a Apple on a Tree”, Old Gray Mule is ready to bring the sweaty, deep-grooving, hard-grinding joy to the people again. “Like a Apple on a Tree” is a package full of the heart, humor, and happiness with which Humphrey seems to conduct his whole life. As the music blog Now This Sound Is Brave put it, “Throughout the ten tracks, mostly originals, of Like a Apple on a Tree, Humphrey plays that good heart out with guitar work that is so immaculate and sharp, you could cut up your next meal with it. Though let me be clear: it is immaculate and sharp, but by no means clinical. Humphrey has sat at the knee of the best the Mississippi hill country has to offer (and when you’re talking blues, that’s pretty damn good) so these songs are made to play in stripped down, humid, dimly-lit jukes. [...] Like A Apple On A Tree is going to make you feel something, whether its joy, the blues, the desire to strip down with a willing partner or just the need to shimmy your hips way, way down.”

Black Squeeze

Yes, indeed, it's like the Black Keys only with out all the $$$ laid down for your cushy seat in the balcony. Nah, this is standing and ass-shaking room only here, folks. Not to be confused as just some cover band, this duo are dyed-in-the-wool acolytes of Dan Aurbach and it comes across in their delivery, which is a real-deal as the original item they to.

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