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The reigning kings of destructive hardcore metal, have brought forth yet another testament to their sheer brutality: The Venomous Grand Design. Ever since their emergence from the Cleveland metal scene, Ringworm has garnered the immediate attention of hardcore metal fans, leading them to spots on tour with bands such as Blood For Blood, Hatebreed, and Terror. Ringworm displays an awesome ferocity in the power of their instruments, and vocalist the Human Furnace uses his voice as a tool to extract the diabolical nature of anyone who hears it.

Ringworm was spawned in 1991 from the metal scene in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1993, the band released The Promise on Incision Records, finding their place amongst other hardcore metal heavyweights such as Terror and Earth Crisis. However, despite this early success, Ringworm decided to pursue personal ventures, the Human Furnace concentrated his focus on tattooing and his artwork, while other members joined up with hardcore legends Integrity. Nearly 10 years later, 2001 saw Ringworm emerge from their dark place in the shadows with their critically acclaimed Victory Record's debut: Birth Is Pain. Extensive touring followed, although this was interrupted by personal ventures, as the Human Furnace owns a chain of tattoo shops, and guitarist Frankie "3 Gun" Novinec was touring with fellow hardcore deity, Terror. However, 4 years later, Justice Replaced By Revenge was released. Following their extensive touring in support of their latest album, Ringworm made record time recording their latest offering: The Venomous Grand Design.

"Manic and raw Death/Thrash from a Baltimore gutter"

Listen to 'Agony Defined':


Encrust do not care if they hurt the feelings of genre purists. In fact, they seem to enjoy it. The Chicago quintet merges a wealth of
extreme styles seamlessly on its debut album, From Birth To Soil, available September 25 via Density Records. Siphoning guttural growls through thunderous riffs and an extreme percussive stomp, the group—Chris Angelucci [vocals], Luke Tobias [guitar], Ryan Kasparian[guitar], Jeremy Pyrzynski [bass], and Brian Kutanovski [drums]—pummels unlike anyone else on the scene.

The Ox King

Progressive Hardcore from Chicago Illinois.

Bad decisions, angst, disappointment, corruption, failure, regret, fear, poverty, disease and humiliation.


Heavy Metal, Beer, Gambling, Jerky Boys, Longmont Potion Castle
Kevin Leary - guitars
David Klingenberg - bass
James Farn - drums
Shane Merrill - vocals
Chicago, IL

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