New Atlantic Youth, Incorporated Village of Ghost, Clownfacee, DEAD GUY

New Atlantic Youth

New Atlantic Youth is a power trio of native New Yorkers swimming through the streets of the Gowanus. Guided blindly by the music, they mix up a medley of sweet and sour-coated rhythms and verses.

The band began as a musical partnership between Ian Elkind and Dan Fogarty at LaGuardia High School in 2004 and continued throughout their separate matriculations via the emailing of song demos and infrequent jam sessions over school holidays.

In 2009, Ian and Dan invited fellow local musician Jesse Katz to become the band’s drummer thus solidifying the group’s powerful, rhythm-driven honey and vinegar songwriting style with Katz’s frenetic, yet rock solid, drumming.

On June 12, 2010, New Atlantic Youth played their third show at King Killer Studios and released their first record, New Atlantic Youth EP. New Atlantic Youth gave out and digitally released their second record, Gowanus EP, on January 28th, 2011 at release party held at King Killer Studios. New Atlantic Youth is currently working on their first full-length album to be released in Spring 2013.

New Atlantic Youth combines the dynamics of early 21st century post-hardcore with a myriad of big sounds that will have you banging your head, swaying your body, and dancing until you fall over

Incorporated Village of Ghost

Incorporated Village of Ghost is a "Post" Rock n' Roll band from Long Island who liken their music to what would be played in a haunted house filled with balloons and serial killers. Think the textures of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and the rawness of Sonic Youth mixed with crooning harmonies ala Grizzly Bear all rolled into a They Might Be Giants off kilter style of songwriting and arrangement.

Earlier this year, they released their latest album, Fuck It, I'm a Flamethrower, which is available as a free download at and for streaming on Spotify.

Aside from their new album, IVOG loves to give out cheap/free merchandise at their shows, including original artwork done on old vinyl records, ghost toys and t-shirts (not to mention their self titled debut EP from 2010).

Check out their website at, complete with links to Facebook, Twitter, etc.


"...anything from a rock group to a barage of spiraling guitar loops that wrap around you like a fuzzy blanket..."


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