ST. LOUIS FRINGE, Fringe Theater Festival Of St. Louis


St Lou Fringe Festival is a 5-day long immersion in cutting edge performing arts, connecting brave artists with bold audiences. Imagine drama, dance, comedy, music, slam/spoken word, performance art, fashion, vaudeville, circus arts - all concentrated within several city blocks in an explosive pressure cooker of artistic expression. On any given night, there are half-a-dozen shows with street performers roaming the festival grounds. Patrons can vote for their favorite shows but will never be able to see everything the festival offers. St Lou Fringe will blossom a developing local neighborhood into a creative hotspot destination and will expose patrons to new art forms, and the limitless world of creative possibility.

Fringe Theater Festival Of St. Louis

By their nature, artists are constantly driven to create. But too often, for lack of money, time or opportunity, artists are not afforded the chance to share that inspiring creation.

We empower artists with a platform to share bold, novel creations. Audiences are allured not only by artists’ unique work but by Fringe’s commitment to affordable ticket prices. Our vision is a city transformed through the singular artistic opportunity we provide.


St Lou Fringe achieves its mission by:

Producing the St Lou Fringe Festival, a multi-day, multi-venue performing arts extravaganza
Cultivating a network of artists, audiences, and businesses committed to fueling cultural and economic growth through the arts.
Supporting established and emerging artists by providing a professional platform to showcase their work and access to best-practices and professional development resources
Seeking to leverage and promote St Louis as a hotspot for cultural and economic vitality.

Unjuried. Following the model of other successful Fringe Festivals, we use a blind selection process to ensure that no one other than the artist is making value judgments on the potential for exciting work. True to our commitment to St Louis artists, we ensure that 70% of our acts are local.

Uncensored. Any ambitious artist, from the traditional to the avante-garde, the seasoned professionals to the bright new faces, may submit their work. Fringe does not question, critique, pre-select, or otherwise contrive the content of any submissions.

Accessible. St Lou Fringe is dedicated to providing an outlet for all interested performing artists of all backgrounds. Fringe works with the special and exceptional cases of artists and audiences to ensure that every corner of our community is embraced and served.

Gives 100% of ticket sales to creatives. With the majority going to the on-stage artists, and the rest going to the off-stage artists who made the festival happen, St Lou Fringe empowers artists to turn their creativity into economic opportunity.

Artistically, culturally, and stylistically diverse. We remove external pressure so that artists can explore their medium fully and completely, resulting in the kind of creative expression and freedom that enlivens communities and bolsters cultural growth.

Our Affiliations

Member of the United States Association of Fringe Festivals
Member of the World Fringe Network
Sister festival of Fringe Italia in Rome, Italy
St. Lou Fringe was incorporated as a non-profit in the state of Missouri in November 2011 and is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization.



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