Tall Tall Trees, Rachel Ann Weiss, Korby Lenker

Tall Tall Trees

Mike Savino is not your grandaddy’s banjo player, and Tall Tall Trees is definitely not your average indie-folk outfit from NYC. Savino has released two records on his own start-up label Good Neighbor Records, Tall Tall Trees (2009), and moment (2012), and has toured extensively, mystifying audiences with his innovative banjo technique. Whether performing with a full band or solo, Savino runs his instrument, dubbed by fans as the “space banjo” or “banjotron”, through a slab of effects and loopers, bowing, drumming, and strumming out multi-textured arrangements on the fly to support his lyrically driven songs. Most recently, Tall Tall Trees has been touring North America, collaborating with beatboxing violinist, and of Montreal alum, Kishi Bashi. Savino is currently working on a third record which he is expecting to release in 2014.

“Bearded man sings songs, violates banjo” - CMJ

“Banjo-shredding at it’s finest” -The Deli NYC

Rachel Ann Weiss

Born and raised in NYC. I play guitar and sing. I've been writing songs for years, some of them even turned out pretty good. Listen for yourself, there's a link to my album somewhere around this bio...

And now, a random selection of personal trivia: I know for a fact that I'm incapable of pulling off most types of hats, but I keep trying to wear a fedora, often tilted at a rakish angle. My favorite color used to be cerulean, but is now a red so bright it almost hurts the eyes. I have a pet bunny with Lo Vee that I lo-ve even though he eats my clothes, shoes, and yoga mats. My favorite Shakespeare play is "As You Like It" and my favorite Shakespeare sonnet is number 17. I will almost always accept when offered coffee, regardless of how much I have already imbibed or what time I would like to get to sleep.

Korby Lenker

How does a quietly intense singer-songwriter reconcile the weathered box of snapshots from his past that includes a mortician father in Idaho, snake-handling religious revivals in West Virginia and live performances ranging from burnished bluegrass standards to arcane Cure covers? If you happen to be Korby Lenker, you make sense of it all by conjuring music every bit as eclectic and compelling as
the improbable path that lead you to the stage.

Yes, Korby does indie pop. But at the same time, his voice and pen are both profound enough to appeal to fans of Americana poet laureates like Willie Nelson, Steve Earle and Ray Lamontagne, all of whom he's shared the stage with. Like Lenker himself, this music is intricate, multifaceted, heartfelt, brilliant.

His electrifying live performances swing effortlessly between moments of rocked-out abandon and intimate, aching tension. It all adds up to one of today's most important new voices, as a growing legion of followers in North America and the U.K. can eagerly attest. One listen to his eighth self-produced work, Lovers and Fools, will leave no doubt. Do yourself a favor and discover Korby Lenker.


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