KingShifter plays hard-ass-rock m*therf**ker! End of story. They don't play games or follow trends. The music speaks for itself. To summarize, KingShifter is all about the riff and the's all rock n' roll! KingShifter has continually “pounded” the circuit in the last few years hitting several cities repeatedly in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri, as well as Arkansas. They are building a “circuit” and plan to continue their work on the road, branching out to new areas. When playing their hometown of Wichita, KS…they easily draw 250+ consistently.

KingShifter has successfully garnered airplay on Minnesota’s 95.7 The Blaze (and is the reigning
champion in the “Cage Match” having beat All That Remains, Beastie Boys, and others to
hold the title for a record 9 consecutive days) KingShifter is also “in rotation” on Western Kansas’
99.9 KWKR, several internet radio stations, including sure to look them up.

KingShifter has recently recorded their version of Black Sabbath's "Hole in the Sky" for inclusion on a nationally distributed tribute album released by Versailles Records on July 10, 2012. The album is called "No More Tears - A Millennium Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne 1971-2012" and included songs contributed by current and/or former members of Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, Kiss, Santana, David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, and others...The record is available in all Best Buy and FYE locations nation wide.

KingShifter’s first cd, “Woes of the Abysmal” was released in January 2011 and they have recorded and released two new singles since that time, the most recent of which was recorded in April of this year and is called “Dissonant Frankenstein”. All of KingShifter’s music is available via iTunes, CDBaby, Napster, etc...or physical copies of "Woes of the Abysmal" can be purchased @ Fall 2012 is expecting a new release from the band, so be sure to look them up on Facebook and Reverbnation to stay up to date on all things KingShifter.

In the Summer of 2012, Paul and Jason had just finished up with "Black Ribbon Sky" and decided to start something new, something that we could play anything we wanted with no restrictions. Erik got wind of what we were doing and expressed interest in participating, we knew of Erik's vocal chops from his days with No Cause No Cure, so the three of us decided to be in this band, and it would be called Coitus.

A month later we were looking for a bass player, we knew Duke White had just left Collapse, so we aggressively recruited him to join Coitus, Duke came over to jam with us and decided to give it a go. The four us played for a year, wrote about 8 songs, and played a bunch of shows. In August of 2013 Duke decided he didn't have interest in playing bass any longer, so we had to figure out how to replace someone of Duke's caliber.

We ultimately decided that Jason would return to playing Bass and we would try to recruit a drummer by the name of Darrin Wilson, he happily agreed to join, and it was at that point we decided to ask Tara to be a 5th and permanent member, and she agreed.



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