Brain Damage - The Great American Pink Floyd Show

Brain Damage - The Great American Pink Floyd Show

A group of Kansas City musicians dedicated to the genius of Pink Floyd.
Doug Patterson
bass – vox. Doug’s first passion was the deep thump bass support for rock and roll in high school, college and law school. Building a law firm, litigation, making a living, politics and kids took priority for a while, but playing in church bands, sitting in with bands, hearing good music throughout the country kept fire in the belly. He has joined numerous gig bands but a passion to share the utter genius of Pink Floyd with artists of a kindred spirit has been with Doug for decades. “I’ve been looking for the members of Brain Damage for years – yet now they found me".

Charlie Carter
Drums/percussion. Charlie began listening to Pink Floyd long before he played drums. He says it's in his bones. So, it's natural that playing their songs came to be. Charlie and the guys from the band Flux still talk about when they decided, last minute, to do an entire Floyd set at a show. It was a hit and now it seems a seed was planted. Enter, Brain Damage. Charlie is an Audio/Video engineer and boss at his company C The Sound,
He'll be using these skills and knowledge to help drive this project.

Pat Ables
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Saxophone. Pat first played guitar at age 11. Over the years he has tried about every instrument you could imagine. On a few of them, he’s even become proficient ! Pat plays a variety of guitar or keyboard based music, occasionally taking a solo gig. And when time permits, he does a little recording, which can be heard at –
In med school, he was in a band, The Crabs, which had possibly the worst singer in the history of rock and roll. Maybe that’s why he keeps pestering us about how important vocals are? When Pat met up with Mark, the vocal harmonies clicked right away, and so did the instrumentals, especially covering Pink Floyd. And so we carry on now with Charlie and Doug as Brain Damage.

Mark Knickerbocker
As a guitarist for former band "Entertainment Nightly"
Marks duties included slashing guitar licks and stunning vocals.
David Gilmour of "Pink Floyd"once said of Mark,
It's spooky how close to my licks Mark has gotten".
Mark has become an integral part of "Brain Damage"
and pleases audiences every where they perform.



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