Physical Suicide Deterrent Systems Project & Hogs of Change

Physical Suicide Deterrent Systems Project

I am a silly tree with deep roots still flourishing in the alkaline gloom of my rain-soaked rock and roll upbringing. I am a musician, the sort that would be executed if my craft became a crime.
This is the core. The compost. The ish. These are the orphan compositions who flourished unnourished. Volunteer tomato jungle of forgotten fruit, over-ripe and dripping with nostalgia. Over-grown-algae-ridden fish tank of vibrant dusty heart-felt grunge music!
Band Interests
Surfing. illin'. Building whatars. Choosing life. Remembering the unshakable and unknowable grace in all transpirences. Refusing the inane. Cooking. building it and breaking it down.

Hogs of Change

The Bay Area based drums and keys duo Hogs of Change offers an engaging, dynamic and fluid live show that glistens with very intentional playing rooted in the heart. Their music features intricate arrangements of tasteful thematic compositions yet this unique duo is always willing to embrace the improvisational energies of the moment. The deep personal relationship and musical connection shared by HOC's Ezra Lipp and Eli Geller has spanned more than a decade and accounts for a continuously more realized shared vision and collective musical impulse. The most common descriptors used by fans is of being taken on a journey and feeling like there are certainly more than two musicians on stage. For more of the story visit



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