Author (Live), Kryptic Minds, Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin w/ Special Guests


'Author' is the brainchild of Leeds based dubstep producers Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin

Jack Sparrow has been producing original and innovative dubstep since 2007. He has released on
Contagious, Earwax, Pushing Red Recordings, Cloqwerq and
Pinch’s Tectonic label to date.His debut album was released in 2010 (Tectonic) to glowing and inspired reviews.
Jack Sparrow has also established himself as an remix artist. He has completed remix work for Skepta (3 Beat Records), Count and Sinden (Domino), Mumdance (Mad Decent), RSS (Wall of Sound), Think feat. Novika (New Moon Recordings),Submotion Orchestra (Exceptional), Birdy (Atlantic) and De Niro & Y feat. Estel Luz (Nomad Records), and Photek (Tectonic)

Jack Sparrow has toured extensively both sides of the Atlantic and completed a Asia tour late 2010. Experiencing a variety of cultures continues to be a huge influence in Jack Sparrow's musical perspective.

Ruckspin picked up the piano and violin aged 6 and from an early age it seemed he was destined to follow a future in music.
Ruckspin is already a man with his fingers in many musical pies . Submotion Orchestra are a live dubstep group who are in the process of an extensive UK tour to mark the arrival of their debut album "Finest Hour" (Exceptional). Ruckspin is also a contributor to the Cymatic project, a Leeds based electronic ensemble with releases including 'Electric Church' (Box Clever, 2010).

Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin's first collaboration, 'Dread' was included in 'Get Darker Presents This is Dubstep 2011'

Both Ruckspin and Jack Sparrow have established themselves as highly gifted and hardworking producers, dedicated to engineering the optimum quality sounds. Author is their shared project. It represents the opportunity to experiment and celebrate musical sounds within the context of dubstep . Several live musicians have been invited to record on the album. Author will include live production and guest musicians on tour.

Kryptic Minds

Ten years since they formed, 2009 marks a turning point in the disturbed mental explorations of Kryptic Minds. Having built an enviable back catalogue of dark, deadly drum & bass, the production duo of Si & Leon aka Kryptic Minds have quickly established a foothold in the exploding global dubstep scene. momentum and release. Instead they unleash fearsome sub bass assaults that lead listeners into an edgy otherworld and have become staples of sets by halfstep innovator Youngsta (Rinse FM) as well as Loefah himself.

As the flagship artists on Loefah DMZ's label Swamp 81, their 12"s and album "One of Us" continue dubstep's tradition for stone-cold halfstep, flying against the dancefloor's natural urges for momentum and release. Instead they unleash fearsome sub bass assaults that lead listeners into an edgy otherworld and have become staples of sets by halfstep innovator Youngsta (Rinse FM) as well as Loefah himself.

The Kryptic Minds sound acknowledges the difference between edgy and too angry; that restraint often has more impact than chaotic release. This deft understanding of the tensions and contradictions buried within dubstep, and how you use them is played out yet further on their new album "One of Us," due on Swamp 81. Whereas some albums try to cover many different moods, tempos and directions, the album zooms in on edgy 140bpm halfstep, forcing the listener into a headspace where perfectly placed details come into vivid focus, like the hyper-real intensity of night adrenalin. Everything is taughtly coiled, as if priming the listener for a flight-or-fight reflex. The tension is barely unleashed throughout the album.

Kryptic Minds, then just Si, first gained prominence in the drum & bass scene when Andy C's Ram subsidiary Frequency released 'The Truth', quickly earning itself anthem status. The track's success brought Si new creative opportunities: it was at this time Si and Leon Switch began a long and fruitful production partnership. Together the duo released tracks on some of the drum & bass scene's flagship labels, such as Penetration, Renegade Hardware, Tech Freak, Freak Recordings, and Goldie's seminal Metalheadz. They also established their own label Defcom Records, on which they released 27 singles, including 'Take the Pain Away' and 'No Escape,' as well as their debut album, the drum & bass opus "Lost All Faith." 2007 saw it declared by ATM magazine as one of the best drum & bass albums of all time. It was also at this time they set up new label Osiris Music uk, to release a wide range of music.

Inspired by Mala Digital Mystikz, Loefah and Burial 2008 saw the duo re-discover their musical faith through dubstep, following the establishing of creative alliances with halfstep dons Youngsta and Loefah. One of Loefah's classic's "Root" received the Kryptic Minds remix treatment. They also played at one of dubstep's most hallowed institutions, DMZ. The future's dark, the future's Kryptic Minds.

Jack Sparrow

Leeds based Ryan Wild AKA Jack Sparrow has been producing his own strain of Dubstep since 2006 and in that time has shown his versatility in the studio ranging from dark tribal Techno to heavy "soundsytem" Dubstep styles.

With residencies at Exodus/Dmz Leeds and Outlook festival (voted best european music festival 2011) he has fast become a household name all over the globe regularly touring Asia,Europe and UK with his take on Dubstep.

His Debut album Circadian followed a string of releases with Pinch's tectonic label based in bristol and achieved a 4.5 stars from the like of Resident Advisor (4.5 stars) and Mixmag (4 stars) and also charting highly in the best albums of 2010.

Jack Sparrow has also shown his versatility by remixing for many names and labels including Skepta (3Beat), Count and Sinden (Domino), Birdy (Atlantic), XXXY (Pollen), Mumdance (Mad Decent), Photek (Tectonic) and RSS (Wall Of Sound) amongst others. Jack has also worked closely with Loopmasters in 2011 to develop sample cd's for other producers to use within dubstep productions.

Sparrow is also 1 half of production duo "Author" (Tectonic) who released their debut album in November 2011 which sees a musical take on Dubstep. Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin have been touring globally the Author live show to sold out events with a great reception.

Future projects include another follow up Jack Sparrow album and Author Album and tours across USA, Asia and Europe for 2012


Ruckspin is an international DJ who has played across the world at festivals and events. Here in the UK he has played at club nights including Metropolis, Valve Soundsystem, New Bohemia and Exodus amongst many more. He is currently working on several projects including Central Beatz

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