Left Foot Green

Left Foot Green

Bursting on the Rock scene, Left Foot Green is honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as other Colorado bands like The Fray and Tickle Me Pink (examiner.com). Their new and unique sound, constant touring, and energetic stage show proves they deserve such an honor.

Left Foot Green's innovative sound in centered around the explosive and heavy Electric Violin playing of Harmony Greenhalgh. Fist pumping, ear melting riffs fill Left Foot Green’s music leaving the listener to believe this is the band Rock music desperately needs right now.

Their upcoming 3rd studio release, currently untitled, is rich with texture, great melodies, energetic rock choruses, and a little tongue and cheek inter-woven into the fun, memorable lyrics. The album grabs the listeners ear from the word go!

The consummate road warriors, Left Foot Green set out with a goal to play 150 shows this year. As of October they have far exceeded that goal. Their live show leaves the audience with open mouths and a sense that they have just seen the next big thing. Their clean, tight and high energy show is one of the main reasons Left Foot Green has built a strong following across the US.

Don’t miss out on the next big thing. Be sure and catch Left Foot Green before the nose bleeds is all you can afford. 😉

Paradox Afterlife

Electronic Industrial Synth Pop from Denver, Colorado featuring:
Jennah Duggan:
Her vocals and lyrics provide both soul and seduction. Jennah developed her talent singing in and around Denver most of her life. After leaving Avalon Entertainment and then later SoFine Entertainment, she set out to start Paradox Afterlife with Nick and Martin after a brief collaboration proved to be promising.

Nick Bosso:
A high-energy force to be reckoned with, Nick uses his 7 strings to brutalize and serenade. Nick has played in heavier bands in and around Denver, most notably Dysdania, and Apothicary. He first met Jennah while working the music scene in Denver, and Martin later in a recording studio.

Martin Schroeder:
Martin, a multi-instrumentalist, has played in several Denver bands of varying styles. Producing beats in the local rap act Atom and Evil, playing drums in Mabbius and Choke, guitar in Bastard Sons of Bach, and bass in Dysdania. Martin also works as a local producer and audio engineer in and around Denver helping to temper the sound of various bands, singer songwriters, and

Vocals - Jennah Duggan
Guitar - Nick Bosso
Drums / Synth - Martin Schroeder

Frozen Tide

3 piece rock outfit ready to rock the face off the Denver scene!!!

Walter is:

Brian Barrows - drums
Kyle Lysek - bass
Dan Olson - vocals, guitar
Kevin Wolff - guitar

About the Band

Rock Music from a 4-piece. Sometimes it moves you. Other times, it grooves you. It can also cause your ears to ring.

$4.00 - $8.00


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