Vetta Star

Vetta Star

Vetta Star is composed of drummer and vocalist Brandon Meagher, keyboardist and vocalist Joey Genetti, and guitarists Paul Edelman and Charlie Fitz. The four came together at the Lamont School of Music at theUniversity of Denver in 2009, studying jazz and commercial music. Soon to release their debut self-titled EP on November 2nd, 2012, the band is more excited than ever to perform the new EP in their hometown, Denver, and expand into surrounding regions. Please visit their website and Facebook page for more information about their debut EP release and future shows.

The Tickle Mafia

A brand new, balls out masterpiece of funksmanship.

The seductive vocals combined with the hard-hitting, yet seductive horn line perfectly compliments the smooth, seductive bass, the seducing melodies of the keyboard, the seductive, funky rhythms of the guitar, and the "balls" on the drum kit.

The Other Black

The Other Black, featuring Cosmic Slim (formerly of Air Dubai and Petals of Spain) is an experience unlike anything you have yet to observe in the Denver music market. Newly formed in the late Fall of 2012, this dynamic group started with a mere 9 members and has launched to upwards of 24. That's right, just about 30 musicians collaborating to bring you a unique sound and leave you with a smile in your soul. These are musicians that have already contributed successfully to the scene; from Birds Of A Feather, Bonnie & The Beard, Petals of Spain, The People's Abstract and more.
Needless to say, upon taking stage - this assortment of artistry commands it's presence. Their act has been compared to reading an old school Parliament comic book. In a nutshell, this crowd's get-up is wild, garish, & funky with fresh attire that makes you believe they MUST have a costume designer amongst them somewhere. In short, they are like watching a cartoon come to life.
The Other Black clearly simply loves what they do. Their soul-funk- do-wop mix with a modern squeeze endears them. People are on their feet when The Other Black hits the stage. If you haven't seen them yet, you will.
All songs are written and arranged by Cosmic Slim, with the exception of the few covers they perform honoring soul legends Sly & The Family Stone and Ray Charles.

Megan Letts & The Shameless Get Down

As we move and groove to the beats we stylishly repeat, you can't help but move your feet as you shamelessly get down.

$5.00 - $10.00


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