Ana Carolina

ANA CAROLINA is Brazilian singer, songwriter, arranger and instrumentalist.

She is a Latin Grammy nominee and every CD release got a Platinum record.

While still a teenager, she started performing in local bars. Wishing to become a professional singer, she moved to Rio de Janeiro, leaving her studies in literature. After a gig at Mistura Fina she met Luciana de Moraes and two weeks later signed a contract with BMG.

Her debut album, Ana Carolina, was released in 1999 with songs from classic Brazillian singers like Chico Buarque and Lulu Santos, songs written by herself, and some written by others. This album was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award.

In 2001 she realesed her second album entitled Ana Rita Joana Iracema e Carolina.
In 2005 released a CD and DVD of her acoustic show with Seu Jorge, and the song “É Isso Ai” reached number 1 on the Brazilian charts. She has since released her sixth CD, a double CD call Dois Quartos (Two Rooms).

In 2009, the singer celebrated her 10-year career, releasing the album NOVE , in which there a duet with singer-songwriter and American pianist John Legend . The song reached the top of Billboard Hot Songs ( Rio de Janeiro ), and 34 ° on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay.
In the same year, launched the collection of songs “Ana Carolina + A” , with two unreleased songs and participation of various singers, among them Maria Gadú ,Maria Bethania , Roberta Sá , Totonho Villeroy , among others. That same year, the singer begins the album's world tour and plans to record another DVD.

In 2011 “Ensaio de Cores” was release, and quickly became a worldwide success.
Needless to say ANA CAROLINA is one of the most popular Brazilian singers and frequently play to sold out crowds.
She is coming on her second US TOUR to the pleasure of the Brazilian community and admires of their culture.
With a mix of folk, jazz, pop rock she embraces all genders and ages.

June 21st New York
June 22nd Houston
June 23rd Boston,
June 27th Miami
June 29th San Francisco
June 30th Los Angeles.


Marcos Ariel Alone With Jobim

Marcos Ariel is indefatigable as a pianist, flutist and composer. He blends his “Carioca” (one who is native to Rio) style with Jazz and classical influences to create orchestrations and performances that are distinctly his own.
Born in Rio de Janeiro, where Music is a way of life, Ariel has spent much of his childhood studying classical piano and memorizing master works of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin. Later, he developed a passion and admiration for Samba, Choro, Jazz and Bossa Nova through the music of Master Antonio Carlos Jobim.

...Ariel’s unique musical phrasing are played out stylishly employing classical keyboard technique and very ‘Brazilian’ ideas have a sensibility steeped in Rio brew that combines ‘Choro’ with Chopin...” (Jazziz Magazine by Mark Holston)

Following his project with Tenure Records ”4 FRIENDS” , Marcos Ariel presents now, his latest CD “Alone With Jobim”, produced and engineered by his son Lucas Ariel. ”That album is really a dream come true. Since I´ve started working in the US, I`ve always noticed the admiration of American audience for Antonio Carlos Jobim’s music. I can even say I´ve learned more about his music here in America then in Brazil. Besides all of that, having my dear son Lucas on the studio with me, producing and capturing the beautiful and majestic sound of the Steinway nine foot concert grand made that project really unique and special”. After the concert “Homage to Tom Jobim” ( summer 2005 at Ford Amphitheatre in Los Angeles ) Marcos Ariel diced to prepare and record “Alone With Jobim”.

“The program opened with a solo piano set by Marcos Ariel starting from a classical viewpoint, he found Jobim linkages in Chopin and Bach, them moved into a curious but ultimately e effective connection with Thelonious Monk, adding his own breath vocals to complete the mix. Jobim (who died in 1994 at age 67) would surely have loved it all.”(Los Angeles Times by Don Heckman).

The songs recorded in the album Alone With Jobim, were chosen naturally after the audience and critics response to the concerts and performances, Ariel says. ”’Girl from Ipanema, Quiet Nights, Dindi, No More Blues, Waters of March among others, always made part of my repertoire and they are well- known all over the World.

"No questions, this is one of the finest Brazilian musician of the decade. Marcos Ariel reveals to us his ‘Carioca’ soul and will introduce you to another dimension of Brazilian Music". (Talaya Trigueros - KTWV "THE WAVE" Los Angeles)

After TERRA DO INDIO broke NAC radio ground in 1989, he collaborated on ZIL with Ricardo Silveira, for Polygram (1990), and later released RHAPSODY IN RIO AND SOUL SONG, which featured his orchestral piano solo improvisations and the lovely and virtuoso sax of Justo Almário. HAND DANCE, on Nova Records, My Only Passion and Magic Eyes on Paras Recordings brilliantly combined American Jazz with native rhythms from all over Brazil.

Ariel revealed a major-league composition talent. His vibrant works-rich with shifting multiple rhythms managed to combine the twists and turns of be-bop articulation with the soaring melodies of the samba. ( Los Angeles Times by Don Heckman).

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