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“The most important issue to me as a human being. As a Citizen of the Earth is to fully express myself in the most honest way that I can. Then and only then am I able to truly contribute to the cycle of life…to what is needed. All of our contributions are needed in so many different forms. That’s what’s important. To open my mouth and say something. Use my brain to think. Use my actions to be productive, not destructive. Create. Cultivate. Expand. Elevate. Encourage. That’s important.”

And so it is that Tony Rich begins speaking about the release of his sixth album, SPEAK ME, his second with the Hidden Beach Recordings label. Twelve songs inspired by introspection and reflection on the truths of his typically private life.

“As a singer and songwriter, I draw from life and relationships. I see inspiration in everything. This time around for the SPEAK ME record, I had found myself at this place of truth that I just really wanted to pull out and to be completely honest with myself. This record is the record that defines the influence that life has had on me as it relates to my decisions and how I navigate through life. That’s the beauty of this record.”


With SPEAK ME, Tony Rich hopes to inspire his listeners to a greater understanding of themselves. The Grammy® award winning scribe digs deep into his own treasure trove of life experiences to reveal a man of startling humanity who inspires each of us to a better understanding of ourselves and to acknowledge our true nature.

“This record is speaking a lot of truth about self. That’s always been a recurring theme to have songs that inspire people to dig deeper within themselves to bring out more truth.”

Truth and Consequences.

The song “Feels Like Winter” reveals one such truth: Monogamy is a choice.

“I had a relationship that ended because my truth. My truth was a bit too much for her. As a result of that she decided to un-know me. I was honest about how I wanted to deal in the relationship as far as exclusively or non-exclusively, and I didn’t want to be exclusive. That truth was something she could not handle and she decided to un-know me because of it, which was a sad day because it felt so cold. You go from being so close to now, you don’t speak to the person anymore. They don’t want to hear from you. So I had to accept that, but I wanted to write about it because I felt that it was honest and true.”

Truth or Dare

The melancholy “Breaking Glass” stands as a metaphor for daring to walk in faith; Making a decision to chart a new path instead of retracing your steps. Tony Rich shares about the song, “I had a vision. I was in Los Angeles and I was in a hotel room writing and I got this urge to leave. I just wanted to get on a plane and head home. It made me reflect on life and on being in a position somewhere in your life where you don’t want to be.” He continues, “You have two ways you can go. Out the door; but you know going out the door you’re going to be faced with whatever led you to that space… or You can go out the window, which is unknown…you don’t know what’s out there. You don’t know how far up you are so you don’t know if you’re going to crash to the ground or if you’re going to touch grass. You don’t know, BUT there’s something in me that said, ‘my choice is going to be to break the glass’ and just know that I’m going to land as opposed to trying go back the way I came into that situation.”

Multiple Truths

“Over the years I would sprinkle different things here and there within the record that sort of evolved to certain points then I’d create a new evolution to go to another point…that’s where we are now.”

In “Nine Lives” Tony Rich dons his ‘Doctoral’ robes and explores a twist on Jungian psychology presenting a thesis of how the different chemistry between two people alters their personal expression. “I wrote a song called “Nine Lives” and it has nothing to do with a cat having nine lives, but has everything to do with one individual and their multiple expressions.” Rich continues, “It is my theory that for every person you interact with, there’s a different chemistry that is created and therefore a different expression of yourself. So it’s not that you’re completely different people, but the slightest difference in how you express yourself can be a huge difference to you. You can be with one person that can bring out the best in you. You can be with another person who brings out the worst in you. One individual can express him or herself in so many different ways based upon who they’re interacting with. Different energies. Different chemistries brings out different things in you.”

Hidden Truths

Flashback to 2010. Tony Rich is busy stateside promoting his Hidden Beach debut EXIST, when he is presented with an opportunity to perform in Johannesburg. The Michigan born, Atlanta resident was determined to go, yet failed to anticipate the personal and career transformation which was about to occur. Yet, as is often the case with circumstances of an unanticipated nature, they often yield the most lasting impact precisely due to the way they catch you off kilter, causing you to process people, places and things in an entirely new way.

“I learned three things when I visited South Africa. That I was so loved. That my music was so appreciated which was was surprising to me because I’d never been to South Africa. I always wanted to go, but I finally made it. I saw so many faces. I saw the African people, Hispanic, Asians, Indians and they all say with such passion “I Am South African.” And then to see how much they LOVE music. It’s one of the main reasons I came back to America and finished my record. I wanted to get my record done so I could get back to South Africa.”

Now, Tony Rich is speaking: About love. About humanity. About truth. About inspiration. All while wrapped up in three and a half minute life lessons disguised as Pop songs.

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