Mama Crow, Snow Angel

Mama Crow

Carmen Gutierrez, aka MAMA CROW is truly a rare bird.

A New York native and East Bay transplant, this self-taught guitarist and soulful songstress evokes listeners on a deep, soul level. Her sound is a mix of rhythmic, funky finger picking and string slapping, guttural blues belts and quick lyrical flow with insidious phrasing.

Original Female Singer/Songwriter has an ecclectic style fusion of funk, folk-rock, gospel and neo-soul. MAMA CROW plays a VARIETY of shows- From live roots music with acoustic instruments to 6-piece live funk band. from intimate sola performances to harmonious creative collaborations with electronic, dub-step, down tempo and hip-hop. Always singing a mix of all original lyrics and on the spot free style. At Hotel Utah- she will be accompanied by beatboxer Masta Lock and percussionist Tree Star.

MAMA CROW has a new album coming out soon in collaboration with Abram Ramal Katz. "ARK+CROW" will be released this summer!

Snow Angel

The Psych-Pop girls of Snow Angel, doused with hard hitting drums, recorders, omnichord, guitar, keys and electric sitar turned all the way up to 11, will rock the emotional dust off your musical shelf.

Snow Angel’s creative force, Gabby La La, made a major splash with her Les Claypool produced solo album, "Be Careful What You Wish For". Touring internationally as a member of Claypool’s band, Gabby became known for her virtuosity on the sitar and penetrating stage presence. She created her second album, "I Know You Know I Know" using a Nintendo DS Lite overdubbed with sitar, ukulele, and theremin.

Snow Angel released a kickstarter funded 7" record in April of 2015, accompanied by music videos for the singles "So Sick So Cool" and "We Are Stars!" The live show is an 8 piece rainbow lemonade handstand with a happy ending!


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