2013 could very well be the breakout year for Tidewater. After 2010's well received full length The Seas We Sail (Top 100 Itunes, Top 20 Smartpunk), and EPs in 2011 and 2012, Tidewater's founder Brett Allen is back in a major way; with a brand new full length.

'The Wedding" will be released on Easy Killer Records and Apparel April 30th. With the records 10 songs nodding to influences as diverse as David Gray, Maroon 5, Mumford & Sons, and Two Door Cinema Club, Allen feels like the new songs reflect well the changes in his own personal life. "This record has a very diverse song selection, My musical tastes and interests changed quite a bit over the last few years. I would say broadly, my taste has just become more organic and less electronic." When asked if he felt more freedom to explore such diverse territory, Brett is quick to point to perhaps the biggest change in his life as the catalyst for the wildly varied emotional dynamics. "I was married this past June to the love of my life. I'm certainly no expert husband yet, but married life is great! Life is just better together. It just made sense that this kind of inspiration comes out in my songs."

This is Brett's 4th record with good friend, manager and Easy Killer label co-owner Kevin Gales. "Ah Kevin Gales. Yeah I would just say we're a good team. The dynamic in the studio is just really chill. On more than one occasion we've created something out of absolutely nothing; I mean…nothing in the air at all but silence and nothing in our hands but blank paper. I think when you find those kind of collaborations, you have to hold on to them."

Brett has toured this year with Sparks The Rescue and Rookie of The Year, followed by heading out for the both the US and Canada The Rocket Summer, Joe Brooks, and Royal Teeth. He'll be supporting "The Wedding" on this year's Vans Warped Tour.

Mandolyn Mae

Mandolyn Mae is a 19 year old Canadian singer/songwriter currently residing in St. Louis, MO. With taste beyond her years, and a live approach that includes a heavy does of ukulele playing, Mandolyn has quickly developed a style and sound that listeners are finding infections. Her earliest tours have included opening slots for bands as diverse as Rookie Of The Year, Trees Above Mandalay, Alive In Standby, Sparks The Rescue, and Tidewater. She also performed at SXSW as part of the "Live From the Basement" Tour sponsored by Vans Warped Tour

Her first EP "The Thief", released the early part of 2012, is only available at shows, and for streaming on her facebook page. What Mandolyn calls her first '"real" release, "Cover 2 Cover" will be released digitally Tuesday March 26th. The 6 song EP features stripped down version of songs by Further Seems Forever, Dead Poetic, Underoath, MATSOD, and Of Mice & Men. "I wanted to do something unique and I had always grown up on hardcore/emo/heavier music because my dad managed and produced a lot of heavier bands when I was younger. It seemed like a great fit for me, to do an EP like this."

A huge music lover growing up western Canada, Mandolyn was exposed to the extremes of the Canadian music scene at a young age. "None of these bands are Canadian, but in Canada, not one band dominates the scene. You hear so many more bands. The bands on this EP have been some of my favorites for a long time. And regardless of how often my music taste changed over the years, I always had heavier music as my roots and Underoath has been the most constant band, by far, in my life.

With the changing styles of music happening so quickly now, Mandolyn responded quickly to if she concerns herself with what's hot in the scene. "Oh gosh no. I can't sing loud, and I'm the furthest thing from edgy. I like to wear pink dresses for example. But there are real music lovers in this scene; these fans find room on their playlists for Civil Wars, Lights, and Mat Kearney, right along beside Issues, Pierce The Veil, and Terror. If they can find room for me on those playlists too, that make me ecstatic."

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