SEMF (Sacramento Electronic Music Festival)


Pictureplane's "Thee Physical" will be released July 19th on Lovepump United. Since the release of Dark Rift in the summer of 2009, Travis Egedy has been spreading his scuzzy, deeply sexualbrand of 90s house & trance to become one of the most prominent figures in American DIY culture.

Two years in the making, Thee Physical is a giant step forward for Pictureplane and is sure to be one of the most exciting releases of 2011.

Based in Denver, CO, Egedy resides in the notorious rave-punk-house Rhinoceropolis. Thanks in large part to Pictureplane's legendary shows at Rhino, his raging club night, "Real is a Feeling", and his constant stream of mixtapes and remixes, Denver's vibrant DIY scene has started to morph into a national movement.

Egedy's growing influence can be felt in ways that are both trivial and significant: Pictureplane's punk rock-like approach to the production and dissemination of his work is democratizing electronic music the same way the Ramones, Minor Threat, and Black Flag liberated rock music in the 70s and 80s.

Produced and recorded by Egedy and mixed/co-produced by Jupiter Keyes of HEALTH, Thee Physical is a celebration of human touch in a digital world. The album is also unquestionably Pictureplane's best and most assured record to date: his vocals are confident and unnervingly sexy, the instrumentation is at once both purely electronic and surprisingly human. Pictureplane has managed to make electronic music deeply emotive—a synthesis of the human and the machine both in lyrics and sound. Summer 2011 belongs to Pictureplane.

Antwon is a new breed of rapper/musician that's part of the new more eclectic style of Hip Hop embracing Internet culture and flourishing amongst the blogosphere and file-share sector. He hails from San Jose, CA, backed by his long time friend DJ Sex Play. Many have compared his flow to that of Notorious B.I.G. His topics range from death obsession/nihilism to love of women and praise of food. His live performances generate the raw energy of a punk show, circle pit and all. His first official mixtape, Fantasy Beds, was released in September 2011. Spin heralded his End of Earth mixtape as one of the top 40 Hip Hop Albums of 2012, while Gorilla vs. Bear named it one of the top 50 Albums of 2012.

Let's rewind a bit for those playing catch up: the LOL Boys ​an internet-based electronic duo comprised of Jerome Potter (a.k.a. Jerome LOL) and Montreal-based Markus Garcia. After 4 years of putting out buzzworthy EPs on various independent labels, they scored a surprise #1 on the KCRW chart a couple of weeks ago with their recently released Changes EP on LA-based Friends Of Friends Records. The LOL Boys, and Jerome in particular, are among the most in-demand DJs in the LA club scene.

Paper Pistols

Ira Skinner has played live drums to self-composed electronic music for several years, including at the SEMF (Sacramento Electronic Music Festival) in 2010 & 2011. Paper Pistols has evolved through different manifestations and collaborators over the years for live performances.

In 2012, Juliana Lydell of The Dreaded Diamond, a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, moved back to Sacramento from Austin, Texas to become an instrumental part of a new chapter of Paper Pistols.

The two are collaborating on Paper Pistols' first release, "Deliver Us From Chemicals", which will be released in early 2013.

Religious Girls

Religious Girls are a diverse group of multi-instrumentalists, with each member hailing from separate musical backgrounds that ranges from metal to noise to math rock and pop. Using their talents, Religious Girls focus thier energy into creating beautiful harmonies and layering them over intricate percussive ryhthms. Preferring to play on the floor near listeners rather than a distant stage, they feel that no matter how high of quality a recording may be the live set is what moves people, and therefore focus on creating intimacy with the crowd. Collectively, the band has tried to push aside the standards of popular song writing with non-repeating structures, an intricate mathmatical style, and a carefully laid out set in which all songs are interweaved into one. Religious Girls offers an intense and dramatic set, leaving viewers in awe by the end of the performance.

Oakland quartet that could be the Bay's own Animal Collective. "As they began their set, my whole perception of noise and music was completely blown out of the water. Religious Girls took the rhythmic pounding of HEALTH and the tropical loveliness of High Places and made it their own, a completely new sound that was as beautiful as it was harsh and brutal. ... The manipulated vocals through the microphones and the call and response keyboard and drum melodies amazed me and captivated me in the best way. They were absolutely fucking terrific." --KEXP Blog

Survival Guide

Survival Guide is comprised of Emily Whitehurst and Jaycen McKissick. They began this project with a plan to have no real plan. To let go of the steering wheel. To be as creative as possible and to let those creations be what they are. To not rely on the past or anticipate the future. To survive.

For Whitehurst and McKissick, surviving musically has resulted in a multitude of styles and instruments. This notion of writing music without pretense makes it difficult to classify, for Survival Guide sways seamlessly from poppy electronic rock to an acoustic heartbreaker to dark, rhythmic and soulful, all without batting an eyelash. Being a band of only two, Whitehurst and McKissick are forced to expand creatively. They have both been playing music for many years, primarily as a vocalist and a guitarist, respectively. In Survival Guide, they have found themselves responsible for building all parts of all songs, resulting in fresh and well-thought-out pieces of art. Since the ball started rolling in early 2011, they have released two 7" vinyl records on Side With Us Records: "Hot Lather Machine" and "Wildcat". They are currently writing a full-length album.

Thus far, Survival Guide has been playing shows all around the San Francisco bay area, and did a quick northwestern jaunt in spring. Their music video for "Prohibition: Pts 1 & 2" was featured online with Filter, Nylon, and AP Magazines. Whitehurst and McKissick are honored to have been named one of AP Magazine's Top 100 Bands to Know in 2012, so they plan on living up to that title as best they can.



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