Without a doubt one of the most important bands ever to emerge in the world of extreme music, INCANTATION has set the standard for USDM and is often credited as a pioneer in the genre. For over two decades, INCANTATION has stood out as one of the most uncompromising forces in metal with their blasphemous and bone-crushing doom-tinged brand of death. Responsible for classics like Onward to Golgotha and Diabolical Conquest, INCANTATION’s legacy speaks for itself.

Throughout their illustrious career, INCANTATION has become an infamous death metal institution and a pillar of the international underground metal scene. The staggering combination of the band's ominous sound, vicious style, incredible work ethic and unwavering dedication has left an indelible mark unmatched by all except the most legendary of their peers. Arguably metal's hardest working band, INCANTATION has ventured forth like conquering crusaders, converting thousands of new fans time after time. From Canada to Colombia, Argentina to Europe, Central America to Australia and the States, INCANTATION has endeavored to reach every corner of the world. Additionally, they have given such other prestigious acts as Nile, Decapitated, Krisiun, Enslaved, and Kataklsym their first opportunities to tour on U.S. soil.

The INCANTATION of today sees the band stronger than ever with a lineup comprised of founder/guitarist/vocalist John McEntee, longtime drummer Kyle Severn, guitarist Alex Bouks [Goreaphobia] and bassist Chuck Sherwood [Bloodstorm]. The combined efforts of all four members have resulted in an album that will undoubtedly go down as among the best in the band’s history. Vanquish in Vengeance, INCANTATION’s long-awaited follow up to 2006’s Primordial Decimation, features over 50 minutes of the band’s trademark dark and unholy death metal. Recorded at the infamous Mars Recording Compound with Engineer Bill Korecky and mixed and mastered by the legendary Dan Swano at Unisound studios, Vanquish in Vengeance deals with the numerous counts of genocide in the name of religion our society has witnessed over a millennia.

Sherwood elaborates on the album’s lyrical content, “The concept of our world so enslaved by monotheistic dogma that only a rebirth, with nothing but distain for the previous, would be tolerated. The lyrical content is the vehicle of this ideology from modern to ancient history combined with the occult/pagan views and the rage we as a band hold for those religions and their followers who'd refuse to acknowledge their own failure. Let this vortex we offer permeate and enlighten or shun and obliterate.”

While few artists leave an outstanding mark upon the music world, INCANTATION has built a legacy that will extend past their years. Their shadow has been cast forever over the genre, and we are eternally grateful.

Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest is a Death Metal band who began its existence in the bowels of Chicago, Illinois USA in the late ninties. We consist of 4 individuals with an unearthly interest in all that's absurd, morbid etc We've NEVER given up, never following the "hype of the day" and always creating our own crimson trail of sorts. From out of the cemetery in into your stereo system...Cardiac Arrest carve out a real nightmare! ROT FOREVER!

Reign Inferno

REIGN INFERNO was formed in early 2010 with the sole purpose of creating the most disastrous music on the planet. Formed by current/former members of Dead For Days, Fleshgrind, Incrypted, and Jungle Rot, the band is now ready to introduce their ferocious, sometimes sardonic, view of the cruel and uncivilized world we live in to the masses. Time to open your eyes people!

They Die Screaming

In January 2007, Jerry Kavouriaris (ex Anal Autopsy, Elbow Deep), Steve Uildriks (Elbow Deep), Stephen Kavouriaris (Elbow Deep), and Ken Kurasz decided to start a band that would use their obsession for Horror and mix it with Death and Thrash metal. In May, 2007, guitarist, Justin Clark, (ex Trench Feeder and Paroxysm), joined the band. In May of 2009, Stephen Kavouriaris quit only to be replaced in July of 2009 by John Usher, (ex Mordrid and Degradation).... We are working on a few more songs. We are currently looking to record our 1st album, entitled (The Organic Phenomenon of Human Decay.)

Carpathian Funeral


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