Chronicles of Sound

Chronicles of Sound

Chronicles of Sound is a rock band that defies description. Harnessing progressive rhythms, unique musicality, and a knowing nod to pop music of a post-modern bent (including video game covers, film scores, and more), their albums unite concepts across themes and time. Uniting it all is a transmedia experience across multiple platforms on a far distant world, where the five members of Chronicles of Sound engage in a war between fate and free will, duty and desire. Catch their show and get your free copy of their debut album / graphic novel, Revolutions Part 1: Dayside, and prepare to take part in an experience unlike any other.

Close To Good

These are the central themes of the music of Close to Good: the Philly-based quartet of Carl, Dave, Rob & Kevin. A unique mix of heavy dance, jazz, dark, and 8-bit-nostalgia takes audiences to the lunar surface and back.

Over the past year, Close to Good has become most known for their high-energy live performances that deliver an aggressive burst of progressive dance-funk that often builds into a tightly composed tension-release, peaking in kick-driven melodic reprisals of their distinct central lyrical themes.

Their continually honed sound is beginning to find itself lying somewhere near the edge of space-time, transporting listeners to the buzzing land of Transylvania where the quartet is playing the anthem for the battle of the century between Dracula and Megaman.

Montoj hit the original music scene in the spring of 2002. Founding members Matt Olivieri and Troy Taub started writing the bands material even before they were officially considering themselves a band. Writing songs like Reggae Jawn, Lovin In the Morning and Shady Brady all of which are a different genre of music. Montoj has a wide variety of songs that range from progressive funk rock to psychedelic reggae. Montoj has an open mind and continues to crank out songs that are guaranteed to shock and amaze. Montoj doesn't see themselves of having one specific genre. They want to focus their style more on tight composition and progressions that keep you on your feet. They always want to keep the people entertained, the energy high and have fans wondering whats coming next! Montoj is hoping to capture the hearts and minds of music lovers from all angles of the music industry. Not having a dedicated sounds help to make this possible. Montoj is testing the limits of the status quo with interesting melodic progressions, beautiful guitar harmony interplay, and warm vocal blends. They want to push the norm and challenge the mainstream with its raw and in your face sound keeping one notion in mind and that is that the fans come first.



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