John Grant

John Grant, a man from Denver, sang in a band called The Czars. They were at times incredible and yet the sole reason if I am honest, for working with them was John Grant. He just does have one of the best male voices out there. Up with Neil Young, Robin Pecknold, Josh Tillman, Scott Walker… I could go on. His voice is so beautiful it makes you cry. It just does.

When The Czars broke up, John moved up to New York for a change of scenery and found himself playing support to Flaming Lips and Midlake on a few USA shows. Well they became very good pals and Midlake became determined, nay obsessed with helping John out, recognising like me that it was close to a crime that John remained unknown outside a very small cult number. So they brought him to their hometown of Denton, Texas, and so he lived there for some months, working with them all on his solo record, in the spare moments when they weren’t working on their own new album.

I am not even going to go there, but all I am going to say that the Queen of Denmark is one of the most brilliant debut solo records you’re going to hear next year, and a collaboration made in heaven. John’s piano and voice with Midlake’s backing? Too too good to be true. The album is being mixed right now by Midlake mixer Matt Pense and well… I said I am not even going to go there… you just wait now.

Craig Wedren

Craig Wedren is the critically acclaimed songwriter and singer who began his career fronting avant-rock pioneers Shudder To Think. Blessed with a voice of unsurpassed beauty, and with incredible versatility as a writer and arranger, Wedren has made a name for himself in both the traditional world of rock and as a sought after film music composer. Currently the composer for HBO's hit series Hung, and Universal's upcoming Wanderlust (directed by David Wain and produced by Judd Apatow), Craig also recently wrote the music for Showtime's Emmy Award winning series The United States of Tara. Craig's music continues to be vital and exhilarating as he embarks upon his latest solo effort, the ambitious and addictive album and musical-film project "WAND."

Wedren began his career as the singer and primary songwriter for Washington, DC-based Shudder To Think, a band that started out in the "hardcore" music scene only to challenge the aesthetics and limitations of this then-emerging musical genre. After breaking indie music tradition by signing with Epic Records (Sony Music), Shudder To Think released three major label albums including their opus, "Pony Express Record." Shudder To Think toured widely with bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Fugazi, and Pearl Jam, and their videos were featured in regular rotation on MTV. At the peak of their career, a battle with Hodgkin's Disease grounded Craig and the band, but following successful treatments Shudder To Think returned with a new goal in mind – to create music for film. With Shudder To Think, Wedren scored the independent films First Love Last Rites and High Art, and contributed music to the film Velvet Goldmine. Shortly after making the transition to film work, the band dissolved their partnership, and Wedren continued his dual career as both film composer and solo artist.

As a composer, Wedren has scored a host of popular feature films including Role Models, The School of Rock, Wet Hot American Summer, By The People: The Election of Barack Obama, Laurel Canyon, Reno 911!: Miami, Roger Dodger, The Baxter, and Boxers and Ballerinas. Wedren has also written and performed music for the televisions shows Reno 911!, Stella, The State, The Whitest Kids You Know, Dawson's Creek and Bones.

While continuing to grow creatively and commercially as a composer, Wedren has also developed a successful career as a solo artist. In 2005 he released his first solo album "Lapland" on the Team Love label, after which he toured supporting Foo Fighters, and Greg Dulli of Afghan Whigs. Last month Craig released "Wand", his second, most ambitious album to date. To accompany the Wand album, Craig and director Tim Nackashi have created a series of 360-degree interactive videos who's engrossing, innovative technology continues Craig's forays into the vanguard of music and imagination.



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