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How would you define "world music"? For Tim Snider, it's personal expression inspired by his world travels. Studying violin, guitar and percussion across the globe and incorporating his influences like Ben Harper, Paul Simon, Nick Drake and Bill Withers, Tim Snider continues to surprise his audience – and himself – with new blends of foot-stomping, soul-stirring musical goodness.

For most of us drawn to music, it's an inexplicable force. For Tim, it was a cosmic force. When he was two weeks old, his grandmother, nearing her last days, held him in her arms and proclaimed, "Finally, this will be my violinist." She had inherited her love of violin from her father, Theodore Post, who had studied violin at Julliard and Harvard and helped found the music department at University of Nevada Reno (UNR). Since none of her children took to violin, she knew a grandchild would. She was right. A three-year old Tim, mesmerized by a performance by Itzhak Perlman on Sesame Street, begged his mother right there and then for violin lessons.

Tim has barely put down the violin since. His younger years were focused on classical music, then in high school, he discovered guitar and delved into classic rock, blues, folk, funk, metal and grunge. Latin guitar player Milton Merlos inspired Tim to return to violin and the two traveled to Europe to explore flamenco, Cuban salsa, and West African music. When Tim returned to the US in 2003, he enrolled in the jazz department at UNR and started Sol'Jibe, a group that blended American roots, world beat, and Latin rhythms into an inspired sound dubbed "World Rock." In its eight-year history, Sol'Jibe studied at the National School of Music in Havana, supported legendary artists such as Michael Franti, Robert Randolph, and Steel Pulse, and played over 200 festivals and shows a year across North America.

Today, Tim pulls out all his talents in his solo shows, creating looping layers of each instrument and vocals to produce a fresh, inspired sound every time. Tim took this textured live experience on the road this fall, playing a handful of stops in the Northwest, then heading out of the country to a month long European tour, and recently finishing with ten stops across the southern US. During the tours, Tim opened for and played with diverse acts such as singer/songwriter Amber Rubarth, folk fusion guitarist Rodney Branigan, Americana band Redwood Son, and jam band Keegan Smith and the Fam. You can also catch Tim playing around his hometown of Reno, NV with his band, Tim Snider and The Sound Society. With a line-up of extremely talented musicians including Jason Thomas on drums, Zack Teran on upright bass and vocals, and Alex Miller on guitar, the group is constantly evolving yet always delivers an infectious groove that gets the crowd moving.

He also is an international recording artist, writing, producing, and recording string parts for rock and acoustic artists around the world. As for his own recording, Tim is working on the follow-up to his 2010 EP, The Delmar Sessions, on which he played all the instruments and produced himself.

Tim is currently planning more US show dates so be sure to see him when he comes around. And watch out – with over twenty-five years in music, Tim's only getting started.

$15 in advance • $20 at the door (includes cd)


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