Pressure Point Usa

The original Denver born Rock Band singing for our Liberty and Freedom! Inspired from the Founding Forefathers visions during the inception of this Great Nation to pursue the American Dream of Liberty, Justice.....and of course a life of ROCK & ROLL! Making our original music to bring a message of Peace to our world. Trying to initiate free thinking outside the box through our lyrics, stage performance and sound. Come join Cap, The Mean G, and Machine Gun Kelly, Big Sergz and Johnny Blaze is time to awaken so let us play, sing and dance our message to the masses. It's all about the PEACE, The LOVE and OUR FREEDOM!!!

Michael Morrow

Upcoming CD entitled 'Hard Rock Countryfied Blues' really embodies a lot of different influences in my writing. I think my songs have a certain Aerosmith/ZZtop songwriting style but you can definitely hear the KISS influence. Yet, there is a southern rock vibe to the whole thing.


Piping Hot Ghost Peppers


Get ready for a truly authentic experience paying tribute to one of the most successful acts in rock history, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. With over 60 million albums sold and 7 Grammy Awards including “Best Rock Performance”, “Best Rock Album” and “Best Rock Song” … a professional
tribute to such an amazing band is a no-brainer.
The raw talent and pure energy displayed by lead vocalist A. Fetus is an experience all alone. Backed by the deep pocket and infectious grooves brought by ‘Froosh’ on guitar, ‘Chaddy’ behind the drums and ‘Bug’ as the legendary Flea on bass guitar, this is as close to the real deal as it gets.


Denver based burlesque troop started in 2001 by Michelle and Kitty. The two met in Denver and took a trip to Tease-O-Rama in New Orleans where they decided to form Ooh La La Presents... so they could showcase all types of performances, rather than limit themselves to one style. Since then they have been unstoppable, performing a large production nearly every month. These performances are always unique with a surprise in every show. One never knows what to expect.

Bass Kittens

BASS Kittens is a Colorado based team and was created by team Capitan and Owner Alexandra Cordova in July of 2011. The troop was created based off of passion for music and dance.

The team is a 18+ dance crew and is available for many types of music events. From concerts, to clubs, bars, charity events and more!!!
Also these ladies are able to perform and get down to almost any type of music like dub step, hip hop, top 40, Latin, EDM (various types) and more 🙂

If you are interested in adding some eye candy to your events or establishment then please contact us for booking and pricing info. You'll ♥ us!!!!

I Ate Monster

We are an up and coming metal band from Denver, CO. We come from all walks of life, all different cities and states, and all different influences that have inspired us to become the musicians we are today. We are I Ate A Monster, and we're not your typical metal band...female fronted vocals, harmonizing screams and catchy riffs sets us apart from most bands in today's music scene. We play with tremendous heart and fans feel that through the music. We bring singable songs along with brutal breakdowns that keep fans guessing.


SKU's us, a high-energy groovy rock band that will move you to SKU around....we do stuff like Hendrix, Petty, Talking Heads, Sublime, Kings of Leon,
Elvis Costello, and more, just a bit SKU'd.......

$5.00 - $10.00


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