Young Hunting (LP release)

Young Hunting (LP release)

Los Angeles quintet Young Hunting's debut full-length album Hazel begins with gentle, lush dream pop and ends with stark, desolate gothic folk. The record, inspired mostly by failed affairs, a divorce, and life in the shadow of LA's show-business culture, took the band two years to produce. Primary songwriters Hari and Ilya first met in 2007, quickly bonding over a shared appreciation for Nick Cave, Jason Molina, Can, and the classic California pop of the 60s and 70s. Tracks for "Hazel" were recorded in various locations around Southern California, including a former ranger's station in the Angeles National Forest, Grandma's Dojo studio in LA's Koreatown, a rented one-bedroom desert house outside of Joshua Tree, and living rooms, garages & guest houses in Echo Park.

Young Hunting is Hari Rex (vocals/guitar), Ilya Mxx (vocals/guitar), Patrick Taylor (bass), Miles Senzaki (drums), and Tim Phillips (keys/trumpet). Hazel was mastered by Nick Carden in the Blue Room (Oakland, California).

Only You

Only You is the tear jerking voice of Rachel Fannan armored by hip swinging Motown inspired pop rock. Think Bjork sings Roy Orbison, Chrissie Hynde fronting the Ventures. Only You is a shot to the heart from an era far forgotten, a must see live band for anyone missing the energy of the classiest time in rock n roll...

Johnny Stimson

Johnny Stimson is a young and talented breath of fresh air in the modern pop world. His often-sensitive-sometimes-gritty voice perfectly complements his addictive melodies and unique style. His music also has that rare “cloud-nine” quality. Almost without knowing it, you’ll succumb to his natural optimism -- your spirit simply lifts the moment you hit play.

Now, there’s nothing better than sitting down to some great tunes, but listening to Johnny is one thing; listening to him live is entirely another. Johnny Stimson is an incredibly dynamic performer whose ability to connect with his crowd and lead them on what is often a sing-along adventure is matched only by his down-home likability. The live band features players who have backed up acts ranging from Snoop Dogg, to Beyonce, to Miles Davis, to Prince -- these guys can seriously bring the house down.

The Human Man EP showcases all of these great qualities of Johnny's pop sensibility, and lends itself to mainstream radio and club play while still remaining well-connected to Stimson’s multi-instrumentalist roots. His proven ability to sell out venues across the US — whether with a full band or just an acoustic guitar in hand—only strengthens the appeal of these latest recordings. The Human Man EP brings substance to the often over-saturated pure pop of today’s market. Stimson doesn’t hide behind production or tech; he places his natural gifts center stage, and then pairs them with the appropriate frills and dills of lighting, video, and other surprises.

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