El Valiente, Adelyn Rose, Cult & Leper, Land Of Vandals (CD Release)

El Valiente

"El Valiente is voted Madison's favorite experimental band...2nd year in a row!"

"El Valiente 's free jazz and spaghetti western washes are mind-bending enough to be the soundtrack to the dreams of surreal director Alejandro Jodorowsky."

Adelyn Rose

Even lead singer and namesake of the band, Addie Strei, will tell you that the band’s soon-to-be-released album, Mezzanine, is a different sound than what they’ve evolved into, but both versions of local group Adelyn Rose definitely have heart.

Just as the band’s sound has changed, its members have, too. Adelyn Rose consists now of Strei, Dave Powers on drums, Leo Strei on bass, and Ian Jacoby on keys. The band’s newer sound leans a bit more heavily on rock elements, while effortlessly maintaining its folksy roots.

The new album is a 10-track trip back to your childhood backyard, running barefoot through the grass until summer’s last glow fades into night. The transitions are sewn-together pieces of everything from vintage radio to babbling water, which only add to the album’s do-it-yourself feel and genuineness. If you’ve seen Adelyn Rose play live any time over the past two years, the album will sound familiar. Even if you haven’t, you’ll still appreciate the unassuming quality of the album. It’s not presumptuous or over-processed, but not altogether a wallflower, either.

The band’s latest sound has evolved into something more assertive. “For a while I didn’t know if I wanted to release this album because our band sound and my songwriting has matured and changed a lot since these were recorded,” said Strei, lead singer and guitarist. “But we want it out there because, well, we recorded a whole album-worth of songs and that’s awesome.”

“Even though we have changed a lot, it might be cool for people to hear how things started,” said Strei. “There are a lot of layers. I’d lay down an acoustic track and piano and vocals, and then Paul (Brandt) would work some synth magic or layer on some guitar with cool voicings.”

Cult & Leper

Cult & Leper is creamy dreamy prom rock, excelling in hailing from Boston. We all met during our studies and now travel the globe of our brains 20 times a day searching for the highest art that could ever be.

Land Of Vandals (CD Release)

Land of Vandals is a band of close friends recording an album with engineering help from Casey Foubert (Sufjan Stevens, Pedro the Lion)
The upcoming full-length was tracked primarily in the band's home with the exception of April Base in Fall Creek and DNA Studios in Madison. Additional cameos by Rob Moose (Bon Iver) and Will Canzoneri (Cass McCombs) help round out this otherwise homegrown batch of songs.

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