Xtra Ticket, Arizona's premier Grateful Dead tribute was formed in the summer of 1994 by Evan Jones and Don Young and quickly gained a loyal following. In 1999, Young left the band and Dave Hebert stepped in as lead guitarist and vocalist. Since that time Xtra Ticket has continued to hone their craft while celebrating the music of San Francisco's legendary Grateful Dead, delighting audiences throughout Arizona and the rest of the country. Ticket successfully uses the same sonic template as the Dead, complete with two drummers, keyboards, a "Phil", "Bob" and "Jerry" which proves an effective way to help recreate the magic of a live Grateful Dead performance. In 2011, Dave Hebert was tapped by Jerry Garcia's longtime keyboardist Melvin Seals to be lead guitarist and vocalist of the Jerry Garcia Band (JGB Band). This musical outlet served to energize and stimulate both Hebert's and Xtra Ticket's creativity much to the delight of proud Ticket fans everywhere.

It is our belief that we share a kindred spirit with the dozens of other Grateful Dead Tributes and thousands of Dead Heads the world over. We are indebted to the band themselves for creating this body of music and jamming style that celebrates life in all its beauty. Xtra Ticket feels fortunate to have shared the stage with such national touring artists as Vince Welnick, Tom Constanten, Melvin Seals, David Nelson, Barry Sless, Merl Saunders, Mark Karan, David Gans, Bill Nershi, Jimmy Tebeau, Jerry Lawson, Jim Page, Jen Durkin, Papa Mali, Ben Combe, Keith Secola and many others. Celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2014, Xtra Ticket looks forward to truckin' into the 21st century.

Brothers Gow

The San Diego quintet Brothers Gow combines rock, funk, jazz and reggae influences with thoughtful lyrics, deep grooves and an ear for improvisation that keeps each show fresh and unique. With more than 500 shows under their belts, this well-seasoned band started off in Flagstaff, AZ, and since moving to Southern California, has developed a more dynamic sound, adding strong vocal harmonies and complex arrangements to their guitar-driven rock. Add to this mix an awe inspiring light show, and you have a recipe for a memorable concert experience.

The more evolved sound of Brothers Gow can be heard in Reflections their 4th studio album, that runs the gamut from arena rock and uptempo dance grooves to more musically and lyrically emotive tracks and some fan-favorite intrumental compositions that showcase Brothers Gow’s tight arrangements.

In addition to their hard work getting people on the dance floor, the band has also demonstrated their commitment to making the world a better place for all of us. The Brothers Gow Foundation for Music Education was launched in 2014, and in its first charitable event raised enough money to put a stringed instrument in all 18 classrooms at OB Elementary (San Diego), and has plans to continue these efforts to support youth and music education.

Brothers Gow is:
Alex Gow Bastine (keyboards, vocals)
Carson Church (bass guitar)
Kyle Merrill (guitar, vocals, trumpet)
Ethan Wade (guitar, vocals)
Nathan Walsh-Haines (drums, vocals)



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