The Stationary Set

The Stationary Set

The Stationary Set had a very simple idea when it finally solidified: to write songs of a greater nature that it found appealing and attainable without sacrificing any content, without dumbing anything down or being afraid to be loud or blatant. It sought to make the "pop" in "pop music" not such a dirty word.

Grouping together an EP of songs, the band laid down the doormat for its home in the indie/pop realm in 2008. Several tours and elbow to elbow shows in NYC and Brooklyn later, The Stat. Set came up for air with a treasure chest of new thought and new songs, a sampling of which were recorded in studios, practice rooms and ghost houses in August 2009. Virally melodic and epic in nature, The Stationary Set have injected elements into the traditional 4-minute pop song that today's indie-rock fandom haven't heard in a long time.

The Midnight Hollow

Joseph King

With a career spanning multiple genres, labels, and even continents, Joseph King’s music defines a decade-long journey of reckless discovery. The prolific songwriter steps into the limelight with his unique 60's surf rock meets modern indie sound, and his debut solo album, "Wanderlusting" (March 2014, RockArmy Records).

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