Want to enter your band for a chance to perform at MAYHEM FEST 2013? Send an email to and read the rules below:

Bands should play no more than 4 songs and should limit sets to 15 minutes. As this is a label showcase, this will be strictly enforced and your band should be prepared to bring their "A" game and play nothing but your best 4 songs.

To enter, your band must be unsigned. Play with passion, confidence and perform with conviction.

Judging is based on song writing, originality, stage presence, crowd reaction and tightness of playing. The winner is ultimately based on talent and perceived potential. However, we strongly believe bands should be getting as many fans and friends out as possible to support them. Headbang for the Highway gives out honest, yet constructive criticism.

The judges will speak with each band individually after their set to give constructive, but honest criticism.

Sound It Out

Sound It Out started in December 2011. Hit the scene hard and playing multiple shows with big names such as City Lights, Freshman 15, The Bunny The Bear, Modern Day Escape, Dr. Acula Us, From Outside, and Sid Wilson From the Legendary band Slipknot. Self-Promoted and very hard working, Sound It Out has big plans for the future. With passion, Perseverance and determination, they are just getting started.


Formed from the ashes of Merzah and reborn. Please check us out. Like us on Facebook. We hope you enjoy our music.

"Everthrone has the distinction of being the only band in the upstate doing what they do as well as they do it. There has not been a band with quite as overwhelming a sound in years and these guys have demolished the playing field for any that would dare tread in their wake."
"With a sound so epic you’d think it belonged on “Game of Thrones,” these guys are bringing symphonic metal to the Carolinas in a BIG way. Their incredible storytelling and breathtaking delivery make them a genuinely mesmerizing experience. For fans of Nightwish, Týr, Apocalyptica and KAMELOT, definitely take the time to check out Everthrone and experience the same commanding force and uplifting epic-ness right in your own backyard!"
— Sceneazine
"And check out Everthrone of McConnells, South Carolina. What’s this? A progressive “Darkwave” act slyly slipped in amongst the power/traditional crowd, drawing from Amorphis and Katatonia over Judas Priest and Blind Guardian? Shut up and take my money already."
— Metal Underground
"South Carolina's EVERTHRONE are a Prog Power band growing in popularity, and their debut full-length, “Evil Tongues” is an eclectic mix of elements typical of Progressive Power Metal, but also ingeniously incorporates synth melodies and arrangements not so different to those found in AMARANTHE. If Gandalf were in a Power Metal band, this would be it." Rating 8/10 Evil Tongues Album Review.
— Metal Temple
"Everthrone has such an interesting approach to metal here. They start with a foundation of straightforward progressive metal and borrow heavily from the gothic and darkwave sounds, even throwing in some harsh vocals for emphasis (and a Projector-era Dark Tranquillity vibe) on a few tracks. Think Evergrey (or a less noodly Dream Theater) meets later Sentenced. You wouldn’t expect to find progressive arrangements and synth-pop elements side-by-side, and you certainly wouldn’t expect it to work this well, but the results are undeniable. Evil Tongues is a highly enjoyable and very impressive debut from one of the brightest new stars in the American progressive metal scene. Everthrone takes an unusual approach to the genre, but taking chances and pushing the boundaries is what progressive metal is supposed to be about in the first place. If you like your progressive metal on the (very) melodic side, you do not want to miss this album. "
— Hard Rock Haven
"Once there was a band called Merzah, a group of musicians from York County, South Carolina who from forming in 2005 earned a fine reputation for their muscular and aggressive form of progressive metal sculpted with a magnetic melodic imagination. Two EPs, In the Trenches of 2006 and especially Existence Denied released in 2009, as well as impressive live performances marked the band as having one of the more inventive enterprising sounds to be inspired by. Now the musicians who made up a very promising band have stepped forward as Everthrone, an evolution of the former guise which has emerged as something even more impressive and creatively intriguing, and even more thrilling."
— Pete, Ringmaster Review

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Plus $3 surcharge for those under 21

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