Jacuzzi Boys

The Jacuzzi Boys are guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Alcala, drummer Diego Monasterios, and bassist Danny Gonzalez, three dudes from South Florida, bright as neon and fun as hell. After forming the band in 2007 and accruing a handful of 45s, the group released the LP No Seasons on Florida’s Dying (located in nearby Orlando, FL) in 2009. Now, in 2011, we have Glazin’ – their second full-length, and the first for Hardly Art.

For Glazin’, the group traveled to Key Club Studios in Benton Harbor, MI where they spent twelve full days recording and mixing. The Jacuzzi Boys used this as an opportunity to dig deeper into the production of each song. “If the first record was the Everglades, the follow-up is Dadeland Mall,” says Alcala. This is also true sonically – while No Seasons was a primal wallop, Glazin’ has the slight sheen of a studio environment. Moving beyond the beauty and harshness inherent in a life spent within a single climate, Glazin’ instead offers a take on the culture that surrounds that environment: girls, cruising, air conditioning, and “raspberry feelings.”

Crisp hand claps, tambourine shake, zip gun guitar and sneaky lazer keys are all here, alongside rolling bass lines, the sharp-snap drums of the unshakable Jacuzzi Boys’ sound, and Alcala’s cool, breezy vocals winding through it all. The trio offers up 10 new tracks of outré power pop, occasionally roaming into surf territory (“Lebras and Zebras”) as well as some heavy metallic glitter (“Silver Sphere”). Despite having been recorded in Michigan, nearly every track on Glazin’ circles back to Miami through love ditties about crushing and glazin’, big anthems dedicated to waiting on a bus, and miniature neon glam rock opuses about a death dream and erections.

While it conjures images both sweet and sexual, those looking for specific meaning within the term “glazin’” will be disappointed. When pressed for details, the band confirmed that there is no concrete definition for the word. Alcala made it up, and the band instantly knew what he meant by it. It could be a state of mind, it could be a way of life, it could be about sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. However it is meant to be taken, with any luck, Glazin’ will soon become synonymous with Miami: “The Gun Club and X are so L.A., and Television is so New York,” says Gonzalez. “It’s such a part of what makes them who they are, you know? I always wanted to have a band like that, birthed from its environment.”

Octopus Jones

Octopus Jones has experimented with psych-surf boogie since their
inception. Octopus Jones consists of Danny Martin (vocals, guitar), Tyler Morris (guitar, vocals, synth), Clay Carlisle (bass), and Darrin Cripe (drums). Their first EP 'Treat Yourself' is a good definition of their sound, but since the release of it they have matured and refined their music.

Now hailing from Raleigh NC, Octopus Jones is working on their first full length album with producer Wolfgang Zimmerman. The new album is intertwined with influences of new wave, jazz, and afro-funk music. The songs on the record are diverse with a consistent interest in rhythm and sound texture. They are currently doing a run of shows up the Midwest and back in anticipation of their new album to be released Fall 2013.

A Tin Djinn

Step right up, ladies and gentleman...dissenters of distilled pop and orphans of the hipster revolution. Experience the phantasmagoric stylings and incomparable force of awe that is A tin djinn. Rising from the ashes of former stalwart Nashville outfit, 'Milkshake?' comes this rather undefinable trio. Lead by formidable archetype, majestic visionary, enforcer of paisley, ambassador of embroidery, and masterful instructor in the art of the muse, on guitar & vocals Eliot Wilcox! On drums & vocals, the diabolical boom boom crooner, sarcastic, slap stick, black lipstick mother bitch with a "bag" full of tricks........Steve Tucci (aka Tooch)!......A tin djinn has set out to breathe a breeze of the bazaar into the local music scene of Raleigh. Lock up your children and hide the chiffon. A tin djinn is coming to a theatre near yooz!

$8 online / $10 at the door


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